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Springboard Modules VS Compact Flash

Sat Nov 6, 1999 - 11:30 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson


Microsoft continues: ďAnd thanks to Windows CEís ability to multitask, users can play music stored in memory while working with the Casio E-105ís camera card installed in the CompactFlash slot. These examples arenít even possible with a Visorô. First, there is no digital camera Springboard. Second, since the Visor requires a MP3 player Springboard to be installed to play music; no other Springboard-enabled feature can be used.ď

I have used a Cassiopeia E-100 quite extensively. Playing mp3ís while doing something else is not recommended, in fact, mp3ís didnít even play flawlessly while that was the only thing the unit was doing.

Multitasking? Donít hit the start menu while you have several programs running - it will show up slower than on a 386 running Windows95.

Microsoft is correct when it states that ďno-other Springboard-enabled feature can be used (when other Springboard is in use).Ē However, no no-other Compact Flash-enabled feature can be used (when other Compact Flash card is in use). Tough luck.

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