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WordSmith 2.0 Preview

Tue Jul 10, 2001 - 5:06 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker


FineType lets you select any TrueType font on a windows computer, and either create a high resolution version for Color devices, or create a low resolution version for monochrome devices.

You can customize many features of the font, including size on device, width between characters, and weight. FineType creates a Palm database file, which you than hotsync to your device. As WordSmith and FineType are still in beta, things will and could change, as of right now most fonts are about 40KB. But no matter what changes, it can only get better. Just when do I get a Springboard module full of 1000 FineType fonts, like the CDís you see at CompUSA?

Here's an example on how FineType looks compared to a normal font - notice how easy it is to read. Because these images are screenshots, FineType may not look as good as it actually does on a Visor.

FineType will convert any windows TrueType font to a high resolution format for color palms. (The Prism, m505, n710c etc..)

More screenshots of different fonts:

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