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Preview: Stowaway XT

Mon Oct 28, 2002 - 12:15 AM EST - By Michael Ducker


The most striking thing when you look at this keyboard is its beauty. Pictures do not do this gadget justice. The black and the natural metal color go beautifully together, and the design reminds you of a bird – the keyboard has wings. The size is unreal, and hopefully, just hopefully, there will be other versions coming out soon. (Handspring and Think Outside !!!!please!!!!) When in use, the PDA sits on a wide sturdy cradle that disappears into the unit.

You see? The Treo looks so nice sitting in the keyboard. You can tell Handspring that you want a Stowaway XT here. The Stowaway just wouldn’t have worked with a Treo, it was too big. The new design works perfectly with the Treo – let’s hope that somewhere somebody is listening. Of course, you can go and buy a Palm with a universal connector and use it, but than you lose your beloved Treo.

The Stowaway XT is $99, while older the original Stowaway models for Palm and Handspring are $79. Sony Is $89 and Kyocera models are still $99.

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