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Fact Sheet & User Opinions

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Size: 4 1/8" x 2 15/16" x 1 1/16"

Weight: 1.8 oz

Hard Cover Compatible: No

Memory: 0K on Visor when inserted

Availability Discontinued

User Opinions
Thumbs Up  95% Thumbs Down 5%

Thumbs Up

Really nice
I switched from palm IIIxe to the visor (gave the IIIxe to the wife). The Palm modem is really big. The handspring modem fits neatly in the slot and acts as a nice angled stand when you lay the visor on the desk. I think the only way it could be made smaller is if it took it's power from the visor, which would really suck because it would drain the visor bat. really quick. But really it is not big or heavy at all, I love it, handspring did a good job.
by Fred

Thumbs Up

I'm Impressed, but it's is big
I didn't really need a modem, but I knew it couldn't hurt to have one. And the cool factor was hard to ignore. Now I can't imagine not having a modem for my Visor. I don't like that I can't fit it in my case while it's attached, but that's not too big a deal. The modem works great! And with ProxiWeb and MultiMail it's everything I need while I'm away from my desktop. Another great idea, if somewhat larger than it needed to be...
by Swanny

Thumbs Up

Too Big, but gets job done well
With the Visor Modem I now do about 80% of my emailing through the Visor. I would like a much smaller modem and would consider switching to the Six-Pack Combo if it become available soon. The Visor Modem is large because it uses 2 batteries for power this prevents the Visor from fitting in virtually any case while the Modem is attached, consequently I have to carry my Visor and my Modem seperately, a major drawback. Its speed is excellent for email and for light web surfing (since graphics are not downloaded during surfing with Eudora Web, etc). Battery life is reasonable, but I'd replace batteries more often if I could get a smaller package, one the size of a Springboard cover!!!!
by Bob Skurka

Thumbs Up

It's functional
The HandSpring Modem isn'f flashy, but gets the job done. It's biggest drawback is its size.
by wshwe

Thumbs Up

Works great!
With nothing else to compare it to, neat little modem.
by N0ISV

Thumbs Down

It is too big and slow
It is very big, slow and has no real good portable use
by Anonymous

Thumbs Up

Simple and Effective
Not feature filled but definetly gets the job done. My most used springboard. It does exactly what it says it will and does it well and who cares that it isn't 56k, it's text only, you can hardly tell anyway.
by Sjavar

Thumbs Up

does the job.
it works. no hassles. and it's here now. i don't think i'll buy another modem (won't need to)seeing as my next communications purchase will be wireless.
by Hoser.

Thumbs Up

Where there's nothing else...
I bought this modem the moment my VDx arrived. It comes in handy for checking e-mail in crwoded areas, like busy airports. I do wish they had POP3 e-mail support built in. I didn't like having to buy MultiMailPRO to get access to my various e-mail accounts. I do like the fact the modem has its own on-board power source (batteries), so you don't run your Visor dry. The modem is bulky and, at 33.6, will likely die a slow death the moment 56k modems and wireless access are available. But if you need it now, it's a good product.
by bnjacobs

Thumbs Up

Does exactly what it claims
A good, minimalist modem that performs exactly as advertised.
by John Nowak

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