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Parafone Cordless by Arkon Networks

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Take communications to the next level with this 900 MHz cordless phone Springboard module for your Handspring Visor.

The Arkon Parafone can help you stay in contact with family, friends, and business while having access to all your personal information. Check your schedule, record new appointments, add to your To Do list, or simply jot down a memo--all while talking on the phone. Stop punching in telephone numbers from memory--just dial directly from your Visor's address book.

The Parafone Springboard module is compatible with all Handspring Visor models. It comes with a base unit that can be plugged into any North American standard phone jack (RJ-11).

Because you have all your Visor information in hand, the Parafone provides direct dialing of numbers from the address book. The Parafone also features Caller ID with call-waiting capability, a call history of 1,000 numbers, a speed dial memory of 50 numbers, and headset compatibility for hands-free communication. Other features include three-way conferencing, voice mail notification, last-number redial (up to 16 digits), tone/pulse dialing, adjustable receiver volume, and an out-of-range warning.

The Parafone has an operating range of 300 feet indoors and 1,000 feet outdoors. Its rechargeable NiMH battery has three hours of talk time and three and a half days of standby time.

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User Opinions
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Thumbs Up

A great (canadian) product.
A great product for those of us needing a phone with a large speed dial. The parafone has a 50-slot speed dial each with room for a name. The parafone also has the ability to use the address book located on the visor, which is handy for me because I have so many numbers there. All around a good product.
by tantousha

Thumbs Up

It's OK
Got one. The speaker works fine. It needs an activation button on the unit, like the Visor Phone. It's also a pain in the ass to get back to the hang up screen if you leave the phone app. Other than that, it's a good module.
by colecchio

Thumbs Up

Worth the Convenience!
I pre-ordered my Parafone before it was shipping. I can't say I'm disappointed. Unlike the review. I have absolutely no difficulty with the built in speaker. As for the outgoing quality, people on the other end can't tell it's a cordless and I just love the convenience of using the speed dial or simply tapping the number in my address book. I'm wondering if the reviewer is using an older Visor. Some of them were sensitive to RF interference and Handspring had a replacement policy for those units similar to what was done with the Visorphone. The only negative that I agree with is that there should have been a hardware button to getback to the Parafone program. I'm so used to my VisorPhone it's frustrating. I have mapped my ToDo List to the ParaFone which resets to it's default when I pull out the module. I'd also like to add that Customer Service is excellent. A real tech picks up the phone by the third ring! They also answer their e-mail. Go for it.
by SLDubin

Thumbs Up

Its cool module, great use at home
I recently upgraded from my Visor Solo to a Prism and the Solo is now put to use at home. I beam all my common phone number that the family uses. Its gives me the functions of the Visor phone on my cordless phone. There are a few drawbacks: 1)The missing button to pick up an incomming call is a drawback (my Visor Phone has it) 2)If am not using the base unit for sync (I beam them from my prism) I cannot disconnect the USB cable. The price is on the highside, it would be great if was in the $70 range.
by Sunny

Thumbs Up

It's not perfect, but...
I reviewed the Paraphone as well, and ended up buying one after the review. It has its problems, but the ability to tie in the Visor with your Palm address book is worth dealing with them. Most of the complaints in this review are right on. A few comments, though: 1) I had NO problems understanding conversations using the Parafone's speaker. I wonder if the reviewed unit was defective, as I found the speaker perfectly clear on both the review unit and the one I bought. 2) RE: 900MHz vs. 2.4GBz. Although the range criticisms here are valid, 900MHz has a HUGE advantage. If you're using 802.11b wireless networks in your home (and, presumably, Bluetooth too, since it's on the same frequency), 2.4GHz phones "stomp" on your network frequency. Someone gets on a 2.4GHz phone and suddenly your network is down to till they hang up. So if you're using WiFi/802.11b, 900MHz is a better choice. And while 2.4GHz has a better range, I find 900MHz works all the way out to the back yard... My solution to the "hang up quickly" problem was to program one of my less-used app buttons (ToDo) to launch the Paraphone app. Agreed, though, that the thing needs a "hang up" button on the module. While you can get a 2.4GHz phone for this cost, it won't have the ability to use Caller ID to put a phone number into your Visor's phone book with two or three stylus taps.
by dennya


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