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Requires Visor Prism

GameFace Yes

Size 333 K

Availability Unknown

Zap!2016 by AstraWare

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Raise your hand if you have ever played games on your Visor during a meeting. Who hasn't? While playing Zap!2016 on your Prism will get you caught for sure, it's a great time waster for those lulls we face in life. Zap!2016 is essentially a version of Zap!2000 that has been optimized for the 16-bit color of the Visor Prism. Shoot the bad guys and get powerups along the way, and every once in a while you go up against a boss.

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User Opinions
Thumbs Up  90% Thumbs Down 10%

Thumbs Up

A true award-winner
The Treo 90 has made it into the Top 5 Colour handhelds on Cnet (something usually reserved for Pocket PC devices) and is also rated as the number 1 PalmOS handheld in the top 5 at Cnet, I think this may be Handspring's savior!
by tantousha

Thumbs Up

I meant so show thumbs up.
I swear, I have thumbs up; I don't know what caused it to show thumbs down. I guess it sensed my little bit of bitching in this review and decided to give it a rating all on its own. I wasn't involved, I swear :)
by sergey

Thumbs Down

Almost good
Excellent game (full version, is what I have). I downloaded their demo version, and after a day of playing went out and bought it. My only bitch is the demo didn't crash when I was offered to enter my name (for high score). With full version, whenever the screen comes up to enter the name, the second you start writing, my Prism crashes, causing a soft reset. It bugs the hell out of me. I suspect the code conflicts with some other app on my Prism, because when the only thing I had loaded was this game, it didn't have any problems. Every upgrade that came out hasn't fixed the problem. I'll either continue to wait, or try to figure out which app is causing the conflict. PSMy highest score is 43,680. E-mail me with your highest score @sergey@letun.comThanks. :)
by sergey

Thumbs Up

Great, but a major memory hog
I've been running the demo version downloaded from Handspring's site, and really enjoy the game. But lately I've been having trouble with it crashing due to lack of memory, despite having almost 1MB free when I start the game! Furthermore, when it crashes it leaves behind a Zap2000graphics.pdb database that's over 700KB! I have mentioned this to the folks at Astraware, who informed me that they have a revised version due out any day now, which will address some of these issues. In the meantime, make sure you have plenty of headroom before playing this game.
by Jon Etkins

Thumbs Up

Great graphic! Great speed! All my collegues can said is WOW!
by Andrew

Thumbs Up

Absolutely A Fantastic Game
I downloaded the Zap game thinking, oh boy "A new game".....but was I EVER wrong! I burnt the phone line to get the registered version. It is such an awesome game to show off the prism unit, not that the prism isn't awesome enough on it's own. But I helped sell 2 more prism's for handspring. I was present when they called their order in! Awesome to say the least, on both counts!
by Chris Cook

Thumbs Up

If I worked for Handspring, I would buy Zap, include it with the Prism and make a commercial for it and charge $549 for the Prism and watch the consumers go bananas. My colleagues are just overwhelmed. There isnt a competing Handheld OS right ! ;)
by Abasi

Thumbs Up

Yes I would
But this review was not very thourough and the spelling and punctuation need some work.
by me

Thumbs Up

The only way to fly
You can really see what is happening and differentiate the bad guys from the background. The VC review says it takes 1MB but my release version 1.4 (?) is only 333K. Also missing is the fact that an upgrade for Zap!2000 users is only $5.
by dtplink

Thumbs Up

Best game for the PalmOS!
What can I say, I bought it. On my 4th PalmOS machine, and I haven't bought any other games. This one was worth it :-) Beautiful graphics, good game play. I suggest you only play where your Prism can land safely if you drop it... You get a lot of play out of the demo, so check it out!
by Mace Moneta


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