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Gimme a Light

Sat Apr 7, 2001 - 3:41 PM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

pdaLight is a new module which containts a light arm that can be used when the Visors' backlight doesn't provide enough illumination in low lighting and dark conditions.

The module and light arm are plug and play. They can be inserted individually or together with the handheld either off or on, without interupting its operation.

pdaLight uses a "super bright white" LED to illuminate the entire Visor screen, grafitti area and function buttons in the darkest of conditions. Power consumption is low - showing minimal battery drain.

The light arm is flexible but is constructed and postioned for optimal lighting. However it can withstand minor adjustments to fit the individual needs of the user. The light arm securely connects to the hardware module via a small 0.7 mm DC power connector.

The pdaLight module will be available in May at a cost of $19.00.

pdaLight is located in Geneva, Illinois and plans to developed other affordable products for the Visor line. There are plans for a pdaLight extension power cord, which can be used to power other devices or attach to the light arm.


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