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Springboard Modules VS Compact Flash

Sat Nov 6, 1999 - 11:30 PM EST - By Marcus Adolfsson


Further more, Microsoft argues that “The physical size of the Springboard module is substantially greater than the CompactFlash card … A standard Springboard’s dimensions are 57 mm x 54 mm x 7.5 mm; the largest standard CompactFlash card’s dimensions are 43 mm x 36 mm x 5 mm. “

True, but the physical size of the Springboard slot is also substantially greater than the CompactFlash slot. I can claim that not because of numbers, but that from the fact that I am holding an E-100 and a Visor Deluxe next to each other.

Microsoft continues to state that “The physical size of a Visor device with a Springboard installed will be substantially bulkier than a Visor or Palm III-class device, not to mention slimmer devices like the Compaq Aero 1500 or Palm V.”

Ok let me see. Here is my Visor. Here is my 8 MB flash card. I put them together. Hum, the Visor still has the same size as when I begun. I am not sure how the Microsoft engineers tried to plug their Springboards in. A correct claim would be that SOME Springboards would make the Visor larger in size than other units, but these Springboards would also add additional functionality. In comparison, if I would add a Casio Compact Flash camera to a Cassiopeia, it would make an already bulky unit even bulkier.

As excepted, Microsoft wraps their bulletin with: “We remain convinced that … Windows CE broader-based industry-wide effort is delivering, and will continue to deliver, a superior end-to-end solution for all customers.”

Are Microsoft delivering a superior end-to-end solution for all customers? Discuss it here


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