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InnoPocket vs. MatchBookDrive

Mon Mar 5, 2001 - 10:20 AM EST - By Scott Hanselman

The War

MatchBook Products produced the first commercially available CF Adapter. The first version, the MD-001, has the CF Card stick out of the top of the Adapter Cartridge a few millimeters so you can get a grip on your CF Card. Since then, they've added the MD-100 that holds the CF Card entirely inside the Adapter.

Then things got interesting, just as MatchBook Products filed for a patent, another CF Adapter appeared on the market. From the other side of the world (from my point of view!) appears the InnoPocket from Hong Kong. The folks at InnoPocket also decided to bundle the $10 FAFileMover software with their CF Adapter for a total outlay of US$39.90. This cut directly into the MatchBookDrive's bottom line, since it's $35, but requires you buy FAFileMover for an additional $10.

Will the big corporation crush the little guy? Did patenting the CF Adapter quash innovation? Time will tell, but until then, Visor users have a choice between CF Adapters!

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