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Visor a Winner (again)

Wed Nov 17, 1999 - 9:00 AM EST - By James Hromadka

The Handspring Visor has won the PC Magazine 1999 Technical Award for handhelds. From the press release:

"A closer look at the Handspring Visor, which appears to be a clone of Palm Computing's popular handhelds, reveals a new architecture for plug-in devices that really sets this model apart from Palm's personal organizers. The difference is the Springboard hardware on the back of the Visor which allows for a wide range of expansion possibilities."

The Palm V won the award for Design. "The flagship model of the classic Palm line is the beneficiary of innovation on the side of smart design. It's a fast personal organizer with the latest Palm operating system, all standard applications, a sharp screen and all-around cool looks.

Hopefully Handspring has a nice trophy case for all of these rewards the Visor is receiving.


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