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Palm buys Actual Software

Tue Jun 6, 2000 - 2:00 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

Palm continued its shopping spree today with the announcement that it will be buying Actual Software Corp, creator of the feature-packed MultiMail line of applications. From the press release:
"In the area of e-mail communications, one of Palm's priorities is to provide handheld computer customers with a universal, seamless e-mail client, featuring an industry-leading user interface, application conduits, functionality and management. Many solution developers have taken advantage of the Palm OS platform and MultiMail's open architecture to develop more advanced capabilities. Palm enthusiastically supports these and other developers as they add their own unique capabilities to the Palm OS platform.

Palm intends to offer integrated solutions that include Actual Software's client and conduit technology to reach these goals and deliver enhanced e-mail solutions across its entire product line. Customers can expect to see solutions from Palm that include various MultiMail products over the coming months."
Here's hoping that the next full version of the PalmOS ditches the Mail application and goes with MultiMail. You can read more about the purchase in this C|Net article.


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