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PocketPC in Trial's aftermath

Sat Jun 10, 2000 - 6:50 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

One of the things not mentioned in Judge Jackson's breakup of Microsoft is what happens to the Pocket PC. This C|Net article has some interesting comments from Evan Cox from San Francisco law firm Covington & Burling, the law firm representing Microsoft:
"The PocketPC initiative pretty much comes to an end because the operating system and Pocket applications are put in separate companies," Cox said. "Microsoft put the time and money into the two of those because they were hoping to build a market for that package. If you delink the operating system and apps, you have the classic chicken and egg system: Do you put a lot of effort into the operating system if you don't know if people will demand the apps? Do you put a lot of effort into the apps because you don't know the demand for the operating system?"
Hey, they could always make Office for the PalmOS!


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