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Thincom available

Mon Jun 12, 2000 - 1:46 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

The Thincom modem by Card Access is now available and will be shipping Tuesday for $119.99. Here is a list of the Thincom's features from the informational email I received:

  • Instant web Access - Browse the web instantly and receive your e-mail in moments with this incredibly small Thincom portable modem. Transform your Visor handheld computer into a sleek and
    smart internet communicator!
  • On Board Applications - With built-in graphical internet browser and e-mail client applications, you are set to surf in seconds.
  • Low Power - Go easy on your batteries! Thincom uses advanced technology to be the lowest-power modem of its kind.
  • V.90 Upgradeable - V.34 capability allows you to connect up to 33,600 as soon as you plug it in. And with simple flash upgradeability, you?ll be able to upgrade Thincom to V.90 speeds in the future.*
    *a small upgrade and handling fee may apply.
  • Size Does Matter - Who says size doesn't matter? With brains and looks, the Thincom portable modem is a must for anyone with a Visor. So what are you waiting for? Get slim and fast with a thincom.
We hope to have a review of the Springboard module soon, as well as more information about the included applications.


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