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Extra*Digit module

Tue Jun 20, 2000 - 10:18 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

Pacific Microinstruments has a new Springboard module that I know my Dad would love. The Extra*Digit Measurement Node MNP-12 allows sensor data acquisition and low-voltage circuit testing. From the press release:
The MNP-12 allows one-channel sampling at 25 kHz and two-channel sampling at 5 kHz. Slower sampling speeds are available with selectable digital FIR anti-alias filters. The input impedance of 1 Mohm matches applications in conditioned sensor data acquisition and low-voltage circuit testing. The user can demonstrate proof-of-concept in handheld measurements such as temperature and biophysical force and voltage. The selectable sampling rate, input voltage range, and data storage functions meet requirements for general-purpose data logging. The connector on the MNP-12 is a low profile, removable micro-connector with a locking mechanism. The MNP-12 size and low-power shutdown mode allow the unit to reside in the expansion slot continuously without disrupting normal PDA functions.


The graphical user interface controls the data acquisition functions of the system through a simplified oscilloscope-type interface that provides the primary control knobs as buttons on the start-up screen. Data transfer from the Visor is through an FTP connection. "Distributed measurement and control systems require a network model of information transport, authentication, and analysis. Our implementation allows secure data transfer across any TCP/IP channel, including the Internet," explained Michael Klinglesmith, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer of Pacific Microinstruments.
The Extra*Digit will be released in 4-6 weeks at a cost of $350(!).


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