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GeoDiscovery Update

Wed Jun 21, 2000 - 9:18 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

Busy, busy morning. GeoDiscovery came out of the dark today and updated its website with all kinds of information about the Geode.

The Geode runs on 2 AA batteries and has two MMC (Multimedia Card) slots capable of holding at least 64 MB each of storage for maps, trip information, etc. It also includes a digital compass and a temperature sensor.

Here are some more features that the Geode has:
  • GeoDiscovery GeoView Mobile Software - runs on any handheld device with Palm OS version 3.0 or higher. It provides navigation through geographic content downloaded from or any GeoDiscovery partner site. You can use the software with or without a GPS receiver attached. The receiver doesn’t have to be a Geode; it will work with any NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) compliant device. You can download the GeoView Mobile software free of charge (with registration) from The software also enables users to browse information linked to interactive maps and interactive travel guides. Users can personalize their map views and search for specific types of places. With the Geode or another GPS attached, GeoView shows users where they are on a moving map, provides navigation assistance, and helps them bookmark their favorite places to share with other users.
  • GeoDiscovery Content Library - GeoDiscovery is partnering with a variety of leading map vendors, travel publishers and other location-based content publishers with the goal of offering interactive, location-enabled data world-wide. Initially, we will release interactive map data and travel guides focused on the U.S. We are currently working on maps for countries around the world, but there are certain distribution restrictions we must work through. We’ll include international map data as soon as we possibly can.

Content Available from & Partner Sites
  • Map Data - U.S. Street Data; USGS roads, trails, topographic contours, water features, and boundaries
  • Points of Interest - Geographic Features & Landmarks; Historic Points of Interest
  • Electronic Guide Book Content - GeoDiscovery is partnering with leading travel publishers to offer titles for popular U.S. and international destinations.

I can't wait to get my hands on this one. We'll have more on the Geode at PCExpo. You can find the above features and more information on the specs of the Geode in the Geode Datasheet.


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