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Wired's Reader Raves

Thu Jul 13, 2000 - 9:08 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

Wired is doing its annual Readers Raves, where you vote for the top sites, products, people, etc. Handspring is very well represented here, as the Stowaway is nominated for a Most Wired Product", the Visor is up for Most Wired Tool," and Donna Dubinsky, CEO of Handspring is up for Best Startup CEO. I think that Handspring arguably should be up for Best Guerrilla Marketing, as all of the initial buzz on their products came from the reputation of its founders and there was very little marketing done by the company.

If you actually do vote, feel free to write in VisorCentral where applicable. For example, our Index gives you great financial information, so pick us as best financial site. News -- duh! Shopping? We got you covered there too. Most Intelligent Agent -- ask a question in the Discussion Area (in the correct forum) and it will be answered in no time! So just copy and paste into the fields of the form after clicking the Other button.


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