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Post-Expo poll results

Fri Jul 21, 2000 - 10:19 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

Going into PC Expo 2000, most of you were very interested in InnoGear, and that hasn't changed according to our post-Expo poll. What has changed is the amount of interest in the GeoDiscovery Geode, which almost beat out the SixPak in terms of interest. Here are the results:
26.01% MiniJam (129)
23.99% SixPak (119)
21.77% Geode (108)
07.66% Minstrel S (any) (38)
06.85% HandyGPS (34)
06.45% @ctiveLink (32)
02.22% CUE Radio (11)
02.22% Thincom (11)
01.61% InfoMitt (8)
01.21% My-Raydio (6)
Total votes: 496
Be sure to vote in our new poll on how many Springboard modules you own. We'll do this poll again later this year to track how interested people are in the Springboard platform. By the way, this was our 500th news item. Now I need to work on having 500 reviews!


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