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G24 Broadband module

Mon Sep 25, 2000 - 3:13 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

If you read the press release from this morning's news item on the Parafone by Arkon Networks, you may have seen the sentence "The Parafone is the first in a series of networking solutions from Arkon Networks. Arkon Networks will begin shipping the Parafone in December of this year." I found another Arkon Networks Springboard module in the company's press kit:
G24 2.4 GHz Internet Communicator Module

The G24 series of Internet communication modules are the first fully integrated wireless voice and data communication modules for Palm-OS handheld computers. The G24 system, with its PDA modules, wireless access points and repeaters, is designed to work with an existing broadband Internet connection to provide simultaneous wireless Internet and voice telephony for up to 4 users. XE Link technology enables the G24 system to work with MAViS broadband residential gateways.
I have got to buy a house so I can wire it for all of the wireless solutions that are coming out.


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