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The Minstrel S and the VDX

Thu Oct 26, 2000 - 9:34 AM EDT - By James Hromadka

PDA Buzz noticed some changes to part of Handspring's FAQ, which now includes questions on the Minstrel S module.

Q: Will there be a way for existing Visor Solo, Visor, and Visor Deluxe owners to obtain an optimized Visor?

Yes. A notice will be included with the Glenayre @ctiveLink and Novatel Minstrel S modules that will explain how customers may exchange their original Visor Solo, Visor or Visor Deluxe handheld with an optimized one if they are not satisfied with the communication performance of the original Visor with the module.
See the full FAQ entry for more details. This is conjecture at this point, but it looks that although OmniSky may not support the VDX, other providers that use the Minstrel S module can still support the VDX. Continue the discussion here


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