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JunglePort in color

Mon Oct 30, 2000 - 11:24 AM EST - By James Hromadka

JunglePort released a few days ago a version of their city guide software that now features color. Here's the relevent information from their press release:
BOSTON, MA - October 25, 2000 - JunglePort TM is now the first COLOR smart handheld portal for location-based services. JunglePort Maps TM are already the industry leading vector-based maps. Now with a color PalmOS TM device, users can view their JunglePort Maps in vivid COLOR. The new COLOR JunglePort application provides a higher level of contrast, clarity, and readability while still preserving all of the speed and powerful searching functionality of the grayscale version released earlier this quarter.


JunglePort is the first fully personalizable and extensible handheld portal platform to integrate targeted local content and services for wireline and wireless delivery to PDAs. Our advanced mapping technology allows for precise determination of a user's location, and then references their profile and preferences to provide location-based services.
Hopefully more software companies will release color versions of their software while continuing to offer monochrome versions for users that cannot afford the premium that comes with color handhelds. All mapping/content software like JunglePort should be in color. Right now I'm also trying out TinySheet 3, and it looks and works fantastic in color.


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