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Tue Jun 11, 2002 - 12:28 PM EDT - By Dieter Bohn

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BOING! There it is again, that sound. Not only does TMIE not allow you to have multiple email accounts or robust filters, it doesn't even let you create new folders on your Treo! Everything is either "Inbox" or "Filed." Terrible.

On the other hand, Handspring does do a great job customizing your email Send/Receive and alerts. On the Treo, you can set up a schedule or just download when you feel like it.

You can turn on or off SMS alerts from their web interface. Another nice touch is that TMIE helps your Treo distinguish between regular SMSes and Mail alerts--and TMIE let's you set a separate sound or vibrate for mail alerts.

Extras/Treo Touches

CRACK! Rahhh! That's the sound of Handspring hitting it out of the park, Grand Slam Home Run. TMIE is bar-none the application that best takes advantage of the Treo's special features.

First off, the Treo is the best SMS machine I've ever used. Handspring can send you SMS alerts when you've got new mail--the downside being you only get the alert with the first new email since you last synced your email, there could be 2 or 200 there. When the alert pops up, you can choose to retrieve now or later. If you chose later, a new mail icon appears at the top of the main screen.

But TMIE is great for the Treo. You can hit Send/Receive and close the flip and TMIE knows not to shut down until it has done its business. Also great is that TMIE doesn't require you to be able to access an SMTP server! Since all TMIE does is talk to Handspring's servers, your mail gets sent through them. That way you can use the much faster ISP services of your local carrier without worrying about getting emails out!

Of course, TMIE takes advantage of the jog rocker and keyboard. Push the jog rocker in to open/close, hit backspace to delete, and so on.

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