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Video comparison: 680 and the 650

Fri Dec 8, 2006 - 10:40 AM EST - By Mike Overbo, Dieter Bohn


Now that the Treo 680 is becoming widely available (in the US, at any rate), seems like a good time to publish a quick Treo 680 vs. Treo 650 video. Not a smackdown, per se, though there is some smacking down that goes on (jump to the data speed test at the end to see what we mean).

Because we're Treo nerds, we can't help but line up a big parade of them side-by-side to see how the design has evolved. We also spend a bit of time in the video comparing the 680 with the 750v - they're almost identical but not entirely, it's intriguing. At least to us it is.

Be sure to check out Mike Overbo's full review of the Treo 680. Additionally, you'll want to tune into our podcast this coming Monday to hear about a few 680 tidbits that we missed - there are so many small tweaks and upgrades in the 680 that seem to add up to a big difference.

Now that Palm is no longer selling the 650 on their site, new buyers don't really need to debate between the 650 and the 680. But 650 owners, we feel your pain. Deciding whether to upgrade or not is a tough one, hopefully this'll help.

Quicktime version here, YouTube version below:

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