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Treo 300 in July

Wed Jun 12, 2002 - 11:48 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

TreoCentral user Fyr654321 pointed out this article in Fortune about the new Treo devices.

The article is mainly a review of the Treo 90 and 270, but it has some tasty tidbits at the end.

"Many of those shortcomings will be addressed next month--the actual date was not set at press time--when Sprint plans to release the Treo 300, a slightly thicker version of the Treo 270 that promises data rates superior to the 56K dial-up modems used by most PC owners today. The Treo 300 will run on Sprint's so-called third-generation (3G) CDMA network, which has a theoretical top speed for data of 150 kilobits per second. "

If this is true that means that the CDMA color Treo will be the Treo 300, and it will be released in July. From what we at TreoCentral understand, the Treo 300 will only be available with Sprint - no other CDMA carrier. Price is still unknown.

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