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ACCESS Debuts New ACCESS Powered Logo and Palm OS is now Garnet OS

Thu Jan 25, 2007 - 1:29 PM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


According to this press release, ACCESS CO., LTD., debuted the new ACCESS Powered� logo today and also announced that it is renaming Palm OS� to Garnet(TM) OS. The new ACCESS Powered(TM) logo replaces the Palm Powered(TM) logo and is now used with products from both ACCESS and PalmSource, Inc. (now known as ACCESS Systems Americas, Inc.).

"ACCESS' technology and software product portfolio cover a wide array of functions from comprehensive mobile platforms to integrated browser-based suite solutions that deliver state-of-the art full-Internet browsing and related services, to individual applications that support specific device and network functions," stated Tomihisa Kamada, ACCESS co-founder and CTO. "The new ACCESS Powered logo provides a way to easily identify those mobile phones and other devices that include software from the entire ACCESS product portfolio."

Garnet OS, which many refer to jokingly as FrankenGarnet, (formerly Palm OS�) supports a broad range of screen resolutions and expanded support for wireless connections including Bluetooth. It also includes enhanced multimedia capabilities, a suite of robust security options, and support for a broad set of languages. Garnet OS also offers flexibility for licensees to customize the software to build devices for different market segments such as phone, multimedia, educational or enterprise.

Well, it looks as if this logo change and the operating system name is probably just the next step after Palm got the permanent rights to name whatever OS they use as the Palm OS. Palm was smart to get those rights from ACCESS as things seemed to have slowed down to a snail's pace under ACCESS. Now I believe that Palm will move forward and surprise its many followers with great, new things in the future.

Thanks to Palm Addict for the tip!

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