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Seidio 3200mAh ultra extended battery for Treo 700p, and 700w|wx

Tue Jan 30, 2007 - 9:41 AM EST - By Harv Laser

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So just how much IS 77% more power?

I recently reviewed the phenomenal new Kinoma Media Player 4 EX and have used it for hundreds of hours to stream live radio stations, podcasts, television, and other video sources over the air. This puts an enormous demand on a 700p's battery. When off the charger, using the stock 1800mAh battery, I could get a couple hours of continuous streaming from the player until the Treo yelled at me that its battery was low. So as a science experiment, I swapped in a fully-charged Seidio's "UE", fired up Kinoma 4 EX and let it continuously stream a live radio station on Sprint's EVDO network for four straight hours, stopped it, switched to the apps launcher, popped open fileZ and its battery gauges told me the "UE" was only down to 50% charge.

Without a lot more experimentation, that was enough of a test to tell me that a fully charged "UE" literally IS an all-day battery. For some other mind-numbing numbers, Seidio claims the battery is good for 10.7 hours of talk time, and an astounding 533 hours (22 days) of standby time. And thus, there's your 77% longer-lasting power than the stock battery.

But about that 3mm bulge..

As far as I'm concerned, Seidio has delivered on their performance claims for their new battery. Their claims are valid, not hype.

But we run into a slight problem with that new battery door. Yes it fits perfectly, it's the correct color, but the extra 3mm in depth that it adds to your 700p, w, or wx means you're severely limited as to what kind of case you can stuff your 700 into when using it.

To the best of my knowledge, there are not yet ANY tight, form-fitting hard cases, whether metal or plastic, that can hold a 700 with this battery and its fatter door installed. Not even Seidio makes one yet. I also have a bunch of tight, lightly-used or never used leather cases from different mfrs: RhinoSkin, Sena, E&B, and Vaja, and with the "UE"'s extended door, that extra 3mm of depth meant I simply couldn't get my 700p into ANY of them. A silicone rubber skin type case was the only one I have on hand that holds and protects my 700p with the "UE" installed. Whether case makers will make new models to accommodate a "fatter" 700, only time will tell. I would at least expect Seidio themselves to offer such a case.

TreoCentral's store manager is using this new battery in his 700 with this case which he told me fits fine, but this is a slide-in pouch case so the Treo has to be removed from it to use it.. not the ideal solution for me, but your mileage may vary.

I also checked the fit of my 700p with the Ultra Extended battery and its fatter door in a few popular accessories I own:

Here you can see it works and fits perfectly in Seidio's wildly popular InnoDock cradle

And there was no problem using it in my Altec Lansing iMT1 Speaker System.

But when I tried sliding my "UE" equipped 700p into Seidio's G4850M in-car GPS / speaker phone cradle it simply would not fit at all, while the same phone with the standard battery and door fits that cradle just fine:

So your success in using various cases and cradles with your 700 and this 3mm fatter door on the back is going to vary from one accessory product to another. For now, anything that's made of a hard material, be it metal, plastic, or tight new leather designed to snugly fit a 700's original casework is problematic. Some accessories will work with the thicker door this battery requires, some won't.

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