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Palm Extra Replacement Battery for Treo 680 and 750

Thu Feb 15, 2007 - 7:34 AM EST - By Douglas Morse

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At first I thought my editors were a bit nuts asking for a review of a battery. This battery is the same as the one that ships with the Treo itself. As I pondered this odd state of affairs I began to see the wisdom in their quest for completeness. Not only did I find a few surprises, looking at a replacement battery forces one to examine not only their usage habits, but also to examine the many power options.

First Impressions

After taking the requisite product shots of the Palm extra replacement battery for the Treo 680 and 750, I popped it my device. Imagine my surprise to find it 45% charged. If you�re in dire straits and need a quick power-up, you could zip into a store and grab a battery hoping it also contains some charge. It took just over an hour to get up to full charge.

Here in England, I don�t surf the net on my Treo 750v as the data rate charges are too dear. In a typical day I will use Windows Media Player, E-Mail, phone, text, and general PIM functions; a single charge will just get me through the day. However, other users who surf the internet extensively have found that the battery isn�t quite up to the task. A heavy user has three basic options:

  • 1. Charge at some point during the day
  • 2. Use a higher capacity battery
  • 3. Carry a spare battery

    The easiest and most economical solution is to keep your battery charged up. The manual states that the battery with the 680/750 is best kept charged at all times and should not be run down like nickel metal hydride batteries of yore. If you frequently work at home, a charging cradle is a good option. If you divide time between work and home then a spare charger at work might be the right choice. For those of you on the road, a car charger couldn�t hurt. Ultimately keeping your battery charged up is easier than swapping out batteries. Go to the TreoCentral store main page and search for "charger" and find 31! different options including one that runs off a 9 volt. USB chargers, car chargers and cradles are also on display. Palm offers a charging cradle with a spare battery charging drawer. This accessory, though pricey, complements the spare battery nicely. Look for my review on this coming soon.

    Another company, Seidio promises two types of higher capacity battery for the Treo 680/750. The first is a drop in replacement with added power of about 33%. And a higher capacity battery that offers nearly double the charge carries its own penalty. It is thicker than the standard battery and requires a special battery cover.

    Right now you have two options. A less expensive Treo compatible (1050mAh) battery is made by Mobi Products. If you prefer to stick to brand names, then Palm is the way to go. It has the added benefit of a higher milliamp rating (1200mA) than the Mobi product meaning that the charge should last longer. Of course Palm�s battery is more expensive as you are paying for both the higher capacity and brand name. Palm warranties the battery for a year. With a spare battery, it is worth taking a look at the made by Mobi charging cradle. -review coming soon.

    Using a spare battery does have other ramifications. Some cases, like the Sena line or skin cases, are such a snug fit that it is difficult to remove the Treo and affect a simple battery change. If you are married to one of these cases, then this isn�t the right choice.

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