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Showmate for Treo 750, 700w|wx

Tue Apr 24, 2007 - 9:40 AM EDT - By Jay Gross

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Computers took over presentations from Overhead Projectors. With those, you not only had to hover over the contraption, but also develop an equatorial tolerance for heat. Computer display projectors get just as hot or worse, but you don�t have to stay close to them. Ah, progress.

Impatica�s Showmate represents even more progress, as it frees you from hiding behind the computer screen, or even lugging your laptop around. If your PowerPoint presentations are simpler than mine, you�ll be ecstatic with it.



Design 5
Usability 4
Features 5
Cost/Benefit 4
(not an average)
  • Simple tap plays next and previous slide
  • Double-tap slide titles listed on Treo screen to display in any order
  • As portable as your Treo, which is very
  • Intuitive, versatile user interface on Treo
  • Cons
  • Installation and setup not automatic, and not entirely intuitive
  • Entire presentation must download to device beforehand
  • No sound support
  • Anything beyond simple transition animation is uselessly slow
  • Bluetooth has a 30-foot range, if you are lucky
  • No battery power option
  • Costly

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