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Sena Cases Leather Skin for Treo 680 and 750

Wed May 2, 2007 - 10:49 AM EDT - By Douglas Morse

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I recently reviewed the Sena Case Croco Skin and found it wanting. It didn�t look all that great to me, was very expensive, and had a few limitations. So I didn�t have great hopes for the plain leather version of the case. Yet, I discovered this new case is fifteen bucks less and looks better too. Despite the same limitations, the Sena Cases Leather Skin for Treo 750 (and 680) is worth a closer look.


The leather skin case is another designed for maximum usability and average-at-best protection. All major areas are exposed including screen and keyboard � which in this sort of case is good. Although I prefer flip lid cases, I find that in an open case plastic overlays are more trouble than they�re worth.

Like its crocodile skin cousin, this case is a snug fit and the edges of the case bulge a bit around the screen. However, as the leather breaks in these bulges will settle down. The cut outs in the back are for camera, self portrait mirror and speaker. The strong rivet protrudes a bit much for my taste, though is one of the most solid I�ve seen. Also note that the case must be rotated 90 degrees to insert into the belt clip.

This case covers up the infrared port, not that I care much, but it covers up the miniSD card slot as well. If you don�t swap out cards, then this isn�t a problem. If you have something like the Spectec miniSD WiFi card, then this case is not for you. I have found Windows Mobile 5.2 and the Treo 750 to be a rock solid combination. The reset button is also located next to the miniSD slot and if you find yourself needing to reset occasionally (some software requires it) then that�s another reason to skip out. Also, if you tend to run batteries down and carry a spare, this won�t be a simple swap.

I received the deep blue version of the case and although it is nearly as dark as the near black Treo 750, it complements it nicely. Like all the Sena cases, the stitching is of the same hue as the case itself � a nice touch. The case comes in, get this 8 colors!!! Magenta, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Tan, orange, and brown. You can see those other 7 colors in the photo to the left. The case comes with a nice carry bag which is nice.


This case comes in both clip and clipless version. For those of you looking for the lowest profile, I�d suggest the clipless version of the case. It�s certainly the one I prefer as I never feel comfortable carrying the equivalent of a laptop computer on my belt. Due to the super strong rivet (and perhaps the fact that I am no longer in New York City) I felt a little safer with this one riding around on my hip.

The rest of you will appreciate the super snug, low profile fit. The clip itself is of basic black plastic, clips over a belt loop, and has a quick release push down top. The case is able to to swivel, allowing for full 360 degree rotation. As I mentioned, it does hang out a bit further off the hip than I�d like.

This line of cases also has a small bar of leather separating the top and bottom halves of the volume rocker switch. I don�t mind this as it creates the illusion of separate up and down buttons. What is strange is that there is no strip of leather between the side select button and the volume rocker. The case has a very accurate cut out for the speakers (front and back), the status light, and back camera and self portrait mirror. Even the top snap over strap avoids the ringer switch.

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