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Krusell Cabriolet Multidapt for Treo 755p, 750

Wed May 23, 2007 - 10:04 AM EDT - By Douglas Morse

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This Krusell open soft case, the Krusell Cabriolet Multidapt for Treo 755p, 750, is another in their long line of multidapt cases for the Treo. The open face design is very popular as it gets rid of any sort of flip lid, allowing instant access to any Treo feature while still offering protection, a belt clip, and style for a good look, feel and grip. So let�s examine each of these areas in a bit more detail.


With an open case, you are making an important decision � that is not to protect the screen. My personal choice is always to have some sort of flip lid to protect my baby. Replacing a screen on a Treo, unless you have �stupid� insurance, isn�t cheap. That said, I�ve been using this case for a couple of weeks now, wearing it on my hip, shoving it in breast pockets, and just in general using it and haven�t had to worry about screen protection. The case itself does create an eighth of an inch bumper all around, so that helps a bit.

The case does its best to maximize usability with all ports and switches accessible. Not only is the keyboard and side rocker easily used, there are also cut outs for both the IR port and miniSD slot as well. There is thoughtfully a scooped cutout for the pen making it easy to withdraw. The back of the case is a bit more complex however.

Belt Clip

On the back of the case is a flap, secured by two snaps, that folds down to reveal the camera and speaker (covered by fine black mesh). One would hope that this flap could serve as a belt loop. However, it is there simply to accommodate Krusell�s multidapt system. The unit slips with a simple black belt clip which clips securely onto the nub on the back of the case. One nice feature about the multidapt system is that simply by sticking the stylus into the center of the nub, it will slide out of its holder. The holder still raises the profile of the case a bit, but is much better than having a full belt clip nub sticking out.

One dander though is that you will lose the nub itself. I�d strongly suggest you slide it into the unused belt clip while not in use. By removing the nub, you can then replace it with various other clips Krusell produces. These include spring clips, car holder clips, leather and steel clips, and even a bike holder clip. On the included printed material (very nice by the way) there are ten or so clip variations on offer. For me, I�ll stick with the included side swivel clip that�s included with the case.


The case is black leather with black leather stitching. It�s not going to win any fashion awards, but it�s not going to be an embarrassment either. I have noticed a few fly away threads, which I�ve just trimmed and all seems fine now. Krusell has a brand tag in the back, so only the most demanding of fashionistas might be concerned with this detail. Like most of the cases of this type that I�ve used, the case bulges a bit around the screen area. It�s minor, but it�s there. I�ve also noticed, as I�m being picky here, that the cross piece between screen and keyboard, rides a bit low, just above the right and left select buttons. The tag says that this is genuine hand made leather. The leather seems good enough to me and the case does afford a reasonable gripping surface.

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