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Handspring still an A Plus

Sat Jul 13, 2002 - 12:05 AM EDT - By Michael Ducker

In PC Magazine's 15th annual Service and Reliability Survey, Handspring was rated above and beyond every other PDA manufacturer. They received an A plus based off of 785 votes. Sony was the only other device maker that received an A- or higher - both of them getting a Readers Choice award. The survey ranks companies based on product quality, and customer support.

I quote:

"Palm paved the way for PDA�s, and now Palm OS licensees are reaping the benefits. With service and reliability, Palm OS based PDA�s clearly outperform Palm's rivals. Handspring and Sony earn stellar grades an A and A, respectively. Ironically, among Palm OS based PDA�s (Handspring, Palm, and Sony), Palm has the lowest grade. Dragged down by a worse-than-average score for overall satisfaction and satisfaction with repairs and technical support, the company receives a B-."

For the full story click here. This is the first time that PDA's have been included in the survey.

I myself participated in this survey, and I was asked if they could use my quote about Handspring � It appears that it didn�t. It is interesting that Handspring is ranking so high, saying that when the Visor was first released in 1999 there were horrible problems, and now if you are keeping up with the boards, you will notice many, many complaints about the quality of Treo products. Keep in mind that VisorCentral/TreoCentral is a specific subset of generally "power" users, and also it is a lot more common for people to post their "complaints" than their good experiences.

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