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Seidio Releases 2100 mAh OEM-sized Extended Battery for Treo 755p

Thu Jun 7, 2007 - 3:58 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Update: Seidio's webpage now has the 2100 mAh Extended Battery for Treo 755p. You can get the extended battery for $59.95. Shipping begins the week of June 18th.....Pre-order yours today!!

Seidio has just sent TreoCentral information letting us know that their 2100 mAh OEM-sized Extended Battery for the Treo 755p will be available later today.

This is great news for all the 755p owners who have those power hungry devices and small batteries. The Seidio 2100 Extended Battery will not only replace your current battery, but will also provide approximately 25% increased power compared to the battery that initially ships with the Treo 755P. With this battery, you�ll be gaining considerably longer device usability. This is the answer for those on the go without access to an external charging alternative. This battery will keep your Treo going for the entirety of your day, even with extremely heavy phone and data usage.

And the best thing about this extended battery is that since this battery is compatible with the original OEM door, no extra thickness will be added to your device. So no hump and no need for an extra door to fit over that hump. Nice!

So keep an eye out on Seidio's website in the next couple of hours for that new extended battery to make its appearance.

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