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Treo bundle from PDA Pros

Wed Jul 24, 2002 - 11:29 AM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

PDA Pros has put together "The Ultimate Mobile Office for the Handspring Treo". The mobile office includes Aileron e-mail, Cutting Edge's QuickOffice, plus your choice of Treo Holster, car charger or sync/charge cables. The bundles cost from $35.00 to $99.00, and can offers savings of over $50.

Corsoft's Aileron is the award winning e-mail package that gives Treo owners the power to configure and check 6 e-mail accounts from the Treo as compared to TreoMail's one account. Karen of PDA Pros says "We feel that Aileron is the complete e-mail system for the Treo. Most users have more than one account and Corsoft gives you the flexibility to check both personal and business mail. The integration with Cutting Edge's Quickoffice allows you to read Word and Excel attachments as well".

The Treo holster car charger and sync/charge cables are added bonuses as the bulk of Treo users need additional ways to charge and carry their device. The pdapros' Treo holster is very sturdy while allowing the user to view and even open the Treo while in the holster unlike the Handspring version which makes you remove the Treo from the holster to reach the buttons. Car chargers and sync/charge cables are becoming necessities in the Treo world due to the heavy battery power that wireless Treo's need. The pdapros' sync/charge cable uses the USB port of laptops and desktops to synchronize and charge the Treo at the same time. The pdapros charge/sync cable is identical to Seidio's, which received a 5/5 rating in our recent review.

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