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Traveling with the Treo

Sun Jul 28, 2002 - 7:31 PM EDT - By James Hromadka

My wife and I just returned from a week of vacation at Crystal Beach. While on vacation, I noticed an interesting phenomenon with my usage patterns of my Treo 270 and PowerBook -- I found that I was using the Treo for general computing and the more powerful laptop for entertainment.

Strange but true. I don't mix business with pleasure, so I don't check email while on vacation, even though I could have used Blazer to check my email over the web. Our beach cabin had no television (!) and no phone, so when we were not at the beach, we watched DVDs on my PowerBook. One rainy morning, a friend and I watched the special features from the recent Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 set of DVDs. I also used my Mac for playing The Legend of Zelda (don't ask me where/how) and was happy to find that I still knew most of the labrinth maps from the game.

As for the Treo, I used it mainly as a cell phone and for quick SMS messages to my other friends on the trip, and to download news updates via AvantGo. Although AvantGo is useless to Mac OS X users, it is very handy for Treo users that want a somewhat-quick update of key websites. I was able to read Mac news and Yahoo! updates when I felt like it, and used the Mac for games and entertainment. Most people think of handhelds as something useful for a quick game and laptops as useful for browsing the web, but I found that it was easier to do just the opposite, although the Treo's screen is not very sunglasses-friendly. :-)

Although I always forget something when I travel, this time I was ready; I used the Seidio USB Sync & Charge cable (the 8" version) and used its Cigarette Charger cable for when I was in the car. I haven't written an official review, but having a car charger is essential for any Treo owner, and I highly recommend the Cigarette Charger cable.

Of course, I somehow managed to lose my eyeglasses at the beach, but thankfully BBEdit lets me increase the font size of text. :-)

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