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Almost Official: Treo 300

Sat Aug 10, 2002 - 10:57 PM EDT - By Michael Ducker

Sprint has updated their Vision webpages to include full info about all 3G (Vision capable) phones. The Treo 300 of course is one of these, and is now available to buy online.

Rotating pictures of the Treo 300 are available, along with a Flash demo that goes through the features of a Treo communicator. As in Retail, the Treo 300 costs $499.99. When bought online Sprint PCS is throwing in 6000 extra minutes.

Some info about the Treo 300:

Talk time on the Treo 300 is 2 and one quarter hours - a bit less than the GSM models. Average standby time is 5 days. The Treo 300 also comes with 21 polyphonic ring tones - much nicer than a Palm OS default one! :)

Now that Sprint is listing the Treo 300, it's available in stores - how long until Handspring offcially releases it along with FAQ's and more? Hopefully we'll see it Monday, but than again I'm just wishing.

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