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Smartphone Round Robin: WM Guy's First Impressions of the Treo 680 at WMExperts

Wed Oct 31, 2007 - 5:17 PM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


Dieter Bohn, the editor over at WMExperts, has had a few days to tinker with the Treo 680 in our Smartphone Round Robin. Dieter is a Windows Mobile expert and WM is his favorite OS, so he's going "old school" this week with the Treo 680 running Palm OS.

Dieter has his first impressions article up now over at WMExperts. I've read Dieter's article and it sounds like he's doing great with the Treo 680, my device. Of course you can see from this pic that he's giving the 680 a serious and frightful look as he's thinking about being away from his Windows Mobile device for three whole weeks. I believe Dieter's WM device of choice right now is the Tilt. He uses his Treo 750 quite a bit too.

Dieter wasn't too crazy with the syncing process but thought a lot of the Treo 680's hardware. Head on over to WMExperts and check out Dieter's great article and see how he's getting along with the 680.

Look for my final thoughts on the iPhone on Friday as the Smartphone Round Robin continues.

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