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Palm Centro One of Most Innovative Mobile Designs

Thu Dec 6, 2007 - 7:11 AM EST - By Jennifer Chappell


I saw this Business Wire article link in my google alerts and thought it was interesting. According to latest buyer behavior report from the Strategy Analytics wireless Device Lab, "Design Labs USA: Palm Centro & Samsung i760 Most Appealing Innovative Designs", the Palm Centro attracted the most attention from nearly half of the tested US consumers who are planning to purchase a new mobile device in Q4 of 2007. The Centro was rated as more appealing than the Samsung i760, LG rumor, Nokia Prism, and Pantech C810. The devices were rated by participants in the quarterly Visual Appeal Index where Strategy Analytics tested first impressions of five pre-release or newly released devices.

From the Business Wire article:

�The Samsung i760 and Palm Centro top the purchase likelihood table for those seeking a multifunction, fully integrated device,� according to Paul Brown, Senior User Experience Analyst at Strategy Analytics. �The Nokia Prism is perceived as the most feminine and fun new product, appealing to our Voice Music segment.�

Well, that's pretty good that the Centro shares the top for possible purchases of fully integrated, multifunction devices. Not too shabby. I find the Centro very appealing. If I were with Sprint, I'd be getting one for my Mom for Christmas. Heck, I'd probably even get one for myself too. ;-)

Hey, check out Dieter's Video First Look of the Samsung i760 and see the other device that has the most appealing innovative design.

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