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New information on Asian GPRS upgrade

Wed Sep 4, 2002 - 9:48 AM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Handspring's Asian site recently posted a read me file for the GPRS upgrade, and added an agreement page before allowing you to download the file.

I have read and understood that is a GPRS release from Handspring for Validation and Development purposes. I understand that Handspring recommends that if I do not have an immediate need for GPRS functionality, they recommend waiting for the formal release version of this software.

So while the available GPRS upgrade is version 1.0, Handspring seems to be waiting for 1.1 until the official worldwide release. The majority of users on our discussion boards who have tried the upgrade has experienced no major issues, and are enjoying both GPRS and the other added features (installation instructions). However, some users have had the installation process stall on them, and now have a dead radio, with no support from Handspring (other than for customers in the Asian region).

From the Asian Read Me

Treo GPRS Upgrade Software Download
For use on Treo 180, 180g and 270 communicators
(Version 1.0 for development and evaluation purposes.)

Now you can take advantage of persistent-connection GPRS data services and communicate faster and more efficiently!

The Treo GPRS Software Upgrade allows your Treo communicator to take advantage of Singtel's always-on packet data, or GPRS, networks designed for delivering data faster and more reliably.

Note: The Treo GPRS Upgrade Software version 1.0 is being made available to selected Treo users in Singapore for development and evaluation purposes. If you do not have an immediate need for GPRS functionality, we recommend waiting for the version 1.1 of this software.

See instructions below for details on how to install the upgrade:

Step 1: Make sure you have everything you need

To install the Treo GPRS Upgrade Software, you need:

  • A Treo 180, 180g or 270 communicator
  • A minimum of 6.7MB (6,700KB) of free memory available on your Treo communicator (to check available memory, go to the Applications Launcher, choose Menu -> App -> Info -> Size). This memory is required to install and execute the updater but is restored after the update is complete.
  • An active Singtel Singapore SIM card inserted. Your mobile phone account must be provisioned for GPRS service. If you have questions about your account, please contact your Singtel Singapore representative for more information on activating GPRS. [Can be bypassed with these instructions]
  • Your Treo communicator's battery must be fully charged

You also need a desktop computer with:

  • Windows 95, 98, 98SE, NT 4.0, Me, 2000, XP or Mac OS 8.5-9.x
  • HotSync Manager 3.12H (Windows) or HotSync Manager 2.6.x (Macintosh) installed
  • PocketMirror 3.12 or higher
  • A Treo HotSync cable or cradle connected to your desktop computer
  • A connection to the Internet

Step 2: Upgrade your Treo to GPRS

The Treo GPRS Upgrade Software will:
1. Back up the personal data from your Treo communicator to your desktop computer
2. Download the upgrade program onto your device
3. Upgrade the radio and built-in software of your device
4. Restore your personal data from your desktop computer to your Treo communicator
5. Install GPRS network settings for your mobile service provider

(On average, this process will take approximately 20 minutes to complete on a USB port.)

Step 3: Use GPRS to browse the web

  • Press the Blazer button on the front panel of your Treo to launch the Blazer web browser.
  • Use the stylus to tap the Home icon [insert picture of icon] at the bottom of the browser screen.
  • Your Treo will connect to the Internet. The icon in the lower-right corner of the browser will change to show you that you are connected. [Insert picture of two icons with labels - Not connected and Connected]
  • Tap on underlined links to browse the web. To enter a web address, tap on the folder icon [Insert folder icon] at the bottom of the screen.
  • You never need to disconnect from the Internet! Your connection will close periodically when you are not sending and receiving data, but your Treo will automatically reconnect whenever you need to access the Internet again. You can continue to make and receive phone calls while you have a data connection.*

Also check out these new features

New Mute Button: Your Treo communicator will now have Mute button when you place a call - allowing you to manage conference more effectively and provide user flexibility

Instant Access to Speakerphone: You no longer have to wait for a call to connect to access the speakerphone function.

Better Web Browsing on Blazer: On a Treo 180 and 180g you can now use the rocker switch on Treo to scroll and click on embedded links in Web pages for one-handed navigation. You can also enter text directly into Web pages-no more waiting for a text window to pop-up. (Functionality already exists on Treo 270.)

* In some instances, you may miss a phone call while you are actively using the Internet.

Need more information? For more information regarding the installation and usage of the Treo communicator GPRS upgrade, go to our support page or contact Handspring's exclusive distributor, Grandtech Singapore at (9) 415 1666.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is GPRS?
A. General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) is one way to connect to the Internet. Some of the major features of GPRS are:
- An always-on, persistent Internet connection-you no longer need a dial-up modem connection to get on the Internet. This comes in handy for sending quick emails or accessing a Web page immediately to check the weather or a stock price.
- Faster, more reliable data delivery than a regular dial-up connection.
- You're charged only for the data you send and receive (bullet taken from Singtel Web site)

Q. Who needs GPRS? (section taken from the Singtel Web site)
A. Anyone who�
- sends data regularly
- wants to be able to receive data without having to connect to the network first
- needs to send data files over the network

Q. How do I check to see how much memory is available on my Treo?
A. Go to the Applications Launcher, choose Menu -> App -> Info -> Size This memory is required to install and execute the updater but is restored after the update is complete.

Q: How do I temporarily free up a large amount of memory on my handheld to accommodate the upgrade?
A: Purge and archive old records
Your handheld retains the data in built-in applications (Date Book, Address Book, To Do List, Memo Pad) until you tell it otherwise. This means that all your old appointments are still clogging your Date Book, and all your completed To Do List items are still stored in memory.
- Purge old emails
If you have an email application on your handheld (Treo Mail, One Touch Mail, Eudora Mail, Palm Mail, etc.), those old emails can take up a lot of memory. Refer to the documentation for your email to learn how to archive or delete older emails.

Q. What if I don't have PocketMirror 3.12 or higher?
A. Latest version is PocketMirror Standard v.3.1.2 PocketMirror Standard is part of the Palm Desktop installer included with your handheld. The updaters for PocketMirror Standard version are routinely made available free on the Chapura support website [embed URL StdUpdate.exe]

Q. Will the Treo GPRS Software Upgrade affect the data already on my Treo?
A. Nothing happens to your user data as long as you follow the instructions in the Treo GPRS Software Upgrade installer. Before installing the Treo GPRS Software Upgrade, our instructions tell you to perform a HotSync operation to backup your existing information onto your desktop computer. This is the most important step to ensure you don't lose your data. The Treo GPRS Software Upgrade erases everything on your device-it can't be avoided. It is, therefore, extremely important that you backup your data on your desktop computer first. After you've installed the Treo GPRS Software Upgrade, you will perform another HotSync operation. At that time, backed-up user data will be restored to your device.

Q. Are any special settings required on my Treo to use GPRS?
a. No, all of the required GPRS data connection settings for Singtel Singapore's network are already pre-configured in the device. Once you have properly upgraded your Treo, you are ready to connect to the Internet and visit your favorite Web sites. (GPRS activation on your Singtel Singapore account is also required. Contact your Singtel customer representative for assistance.)

Q. What happens if the upgrade installation is unsuccessful?
A. First make sure you have met all of the minimum requirements necessary for the Treo GPRS Software Upgrade. If you feel you have done everything correctly in the installation process and the upgrade does not work, contact customer support

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