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Kingston 1GB Dual Adapter Pack

Thu Feb 21, 2008 - 12:10 PM EST - By Douglas Morse

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There are several scenarios where a �universal� memory format can be very helpful. The Kingston Dual adapter pack allows memory to be used in three formats; standard, mini and micro SD formats. When data is stuck in one place, it�s easy to move it about.


For those of you unfamiliar with the microSD format, these cards are tiny, about the size of a thumbnail. MicroSD is commonly used in mobile phones for music, pictures and video. More recently, they've become associated with Smartphones. The newly released Centro is a good example.

The SD and miniSD adapters included with this pack have a small slot in the back to slide in the micro card. The SD adapter also has a sliding �lock� switch to prevent accidental erasure. This feature didn�t seem to make it down to the smaller memory format standards.

The case to hold the memory card and adapters is a simple plastic clamshell. The latch is secure enough and I think worth carrying around if you are unsure of circumstances. The case is also a good idea if you have several memory cards, or carry a miniSD Wireless card such as the Spectec, which with an SD adapter, can be used with the 700w series phones.


I decided to test the 1 GB Kingston dual adapter memory pack under real world conditions. This had nothing to do with speed tests, data burst rate, or even memory reliability. Those specs can easily be found on the product page. What matters are specific situations when you might need format flexibility. I�m in an interesting position right now: my computer is on loan to an editor working on my film adaptation of The Merchant of Venice. (

While she�s toiling away somewhere outside of London, (Sussex I think) I�ve had to resort to Cambridge University computer labs to work on my reviews. I decided to try to rip and transfer some of my INXS tracks to the card. I knew of one iMac with an attached USB ALL-in-1 Card Reader. However, when I got there, I discovered all in one didn�t mean the miniSD format I need for my Treo 750.

So I popped out the 1GB microSD card and popped it in the 1GB SD adapter. The computer instantly recognized the card and with a simple drag and drop, took my music and wrote it to the card. Twenty one tracks took about two minutes.

I�d suggest that people rip in the MP3 format. Although Microsoft�s and Apple�s formats (Windows Media and AAC) are probably better quality at the same bit rate, I like the universality of the MP3 format. I also prefer to rip at a bit rate of 160 BPS as it seems to strike the right balance between quality and file size. Just a reminder: you may need to update your library within Windows Media Player or even reset your device to recognize the card.

The flexibility of this product shows in other ways. You can easily swap this card out of different devices. This can be useful when transferring files from one device to another. The only problem I have is with the labeling of the adapters. They both say microSD adapter. They should be labeled microSD to miniSD adapter and microSD to SD adapter. The nomenclature of the packaging is confusing as well. Although this is a dual adapter pack, this is really a �triple format� 1GB package and would be better labelled as such.


The Kingston Dual Adapter pack is a great little combo and I can highly recommend it to someone who is using a standard SD slot and who plans on upgrading in the near future. The only problem I have is that this is a mere 1GB. This is fine for basic use, but consumers are used to 2GB standard these days, and 4GB cards are within the realm of possibility if your device supports the micro SDHC specification (which the 700P does with the appropriate update).



Design 5
Usability 4
Features 4
Price/Performance 3
(not an average)
  • Good carry case

  • Triple Format

  • Reliable Kingston Brand
  • Cons
  • Only 1GB

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