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All AT&T smartphones to be 3G within months -- including iPhone and Centro?

Thu Apr 3, 2008 - 8:11 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell


According to an article by Engadget Mobile, AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega was speaking at a press conference at CTIA. During the post-conference Q&A, a member of the press lamented the fact that AT&T's BlackBerrys still lack HSDPA.

Engadget reported that at one point, de la Vega mentioned that all of the carrier's smartphones would be 3G within a matter of mere "months."

From the article:

We figure that instantly thrusts several devices onto (and off of) AT&T's roadmap in the very near future, including a 3G iPhone and the BlackBerry 9000 we recently saw strutting its stuff. Of course, that would also preclude the just-introduced Palm Centro from hanging around for very long, since it tops out with EDGE speeds; last time we checked Garnet had a hard time handling HSDPA, so something's got to give. We're not writing the obit just yet -- CEOs' statements are often a mere shadow of reality, after all -- but it's certainly food for thought.

Hmmm, that is indeed food for thought. I can't imagine the Centro going away anytime soon seeing how it's absolutely flying off the shelves. However, a Centro running the new Palm platform on 3G would be great, and I'm sure the price point would be a little different. I wouldn't put up a fuss about the iPhone getting 3G. Bring it on AT&T! 3G for ALL smartphones sounds wonderful!

I hope to see a much improved browser on Palm's smartphones in the near future regardless of whether or not they would be 3G. Blazer just doesn't do very much blazing for me.

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