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Krusell Cabriolet with Multidapt for Centro

Wed Apr 23, 2008 - 3:07 PM EDT - By Brian Hart

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The Krusell Cabriolet with Multidapt for the Palm Centro ($24.95), available now at the TreoCentral store, is a form-fitting leather case for your Centro that provides protection as well as several wearing options, and it does all this in style. If you want a genuine leather case to show off your flavor of Centro, this could be the case for you! Keep reading the rest of this review to learn more!

Design of Case

Be it known that I have an affinity for leather. Regardless of the device -- from my old-school Palm PDAs of yesteryear to my shiny new "Vader" (ok, ok, OBSIDIAN) Centro, there is nothing like the feel of leather on (or in!) the Palm. Krusell has a history of making fine leather products for Palm's myriad of devices, and they have made another worthy case here in the Cabriolet for the Centro.

The Krusell Cabriolet with Multidapt allows for three different wearing options. The Multidapt system makes this possible because, if you aren't familiar with Multidapt, the swivel clip system is completely removable from the case, thus reducing the size of the case profile. If you decide the swivel clip system is not for you, then remove it from the back of the case. Then, you can either slip your Centro in your pocket, leather case and all, or the leather flap on the back that the Multidapt is affixed to serve as a belt loop.

The Cabriolet's leather is firm and well-stitched, with cutouts for the status light, ear speaker, infrared port, volume rocker and side button, as well as full access to the Centro's keyboard, headphone jack, mic, and Athena connector for syncing and charging. On the back, the belt loop unsnaps to give you access to the Centro's speaker and camera. Your Centro loads from the top, so the top is wide open for access to stylus and speaker on/off switch. Even with an open top, the Centro has a very snug fit, so I never worried about my Centro separating from the case without some real effort. This case should offer good protection, especially given the uber-slick, wet-bar-of-soap surface of the Centro -- the leather gives you something to hold on to.

Your Centro's screen is fully visible but protected by the Cabriolet's clear plastic screen cover that is sewn into the leather. Screen taps are possible, but when snugly secured in this Krusell case, be prepared to utilize the Centro's one-handed functionality via the 5-way directional pad and other keyboard buttons.

User Experience

Although I appreciate the Multidapt system, I've never been a fan of swivel clip systems. The mortality rate is extremely high for any swivel clip system I've ever worn, usually suffering catastrophic damage just by getting into or out of my car. Invariably, I've always managed to catch my phone in just the right (or wrong) way (i.e. car seat) and my swivel clips have all suffered the same fate -- an explosion of plastic and metal with rarely all the pieces being found.

With that said, the reason why I like the Multidapt system is that it allows me the option of removing the swivel clip altogether. I much prefer to wear old-fashioned belt clip cases, and this is where the Krusell performs because I can run my belt through the leather loop on the back or, even easier, I can unsnap the loop and attach the case to my belt without removing my belt. This is very convenient and is a big plus for this case.

I also appreciate the accessibility of all buttons, switches and ports. Sometimes cases fall short in fitting a device just right, but the Krusell Cabriolet performs as it should in fitting the Centro's design. The entire Centro keyboard is accessible and I had no problems typing. The only Centro feature not accessible is the microSD slot, but for me, that's not a big deal because my card always stays put anyway.

My biggest complaint about this Krusell case is the screen cover sewn into the leather. I love using the touchscreen on my Centro and often whip out the stylus for input or playing games, and honestly, the clear vinyl screen cover on this case makes it practically impossible to use the touchscreen. With roughly 2mm spacing between the cover and the Centro's screen, I had to apply an uncomfortable amount of force on the screen cover to reach the Centro's touchscreen, and this simply wouldn't do. Other than the vinyl screen cover, this case is nearly perfect. I usually don't encourage user modification of cases in a product review, but if you buy this case and want real access to the touchscreen, you should implement an Exacto knife and remove the "obstruction" from the front of the case. I'm just sayin'.


Krusell has once again brought a nice case to market for your Palm device, this time for the Centro. The Krusell Cabriolet with Multidapt ($24.95) is well-designed and gives you three different wearing options. It is a stylish way to carry your Centro and provides good protection in the event of a slip-and-fall (of the Centro).



Design 4
Features 5
Usability 4
Cost/Benefit 4
(not an average)
  • Nice leather construction with good stitching
  • Multidapt system provides several carrying options
  • Cutouts provide access to just about everything on your Centro
  • Snug fit and good protection
  • Cons
  • Using touchscreen is almost impossible with clear vinyl screen cover
  • Plastic belt clip is prone to utter destruction

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