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Treo Software Roundup - v042508

Fri Apr 25, 2008 - 10:04 AM EDT - By Neal Martin

Windows Mobile

WM New:

Hexxagon Labs 1.0

Hexxagon Labs, by Herocraft, is a classical puzzle game which will provide not only fascinating entertainment, but will also give much interesting information. The game suggests launching intellectual battles on 17 various arenas. The main goal of each party in three different game modes is to occupy as many cells on the field as possible by repainting opponent's chips and not loosing your own. Rules simplicity turns unlimited profundity of tactical manoeuvres and artful tricks. At that you can play both against a computer and also the two or even three together on the same phone device!

Funny chemistry, witty physics, exciting astronomy� Do you think that there are no such things on our planet? If so, you haven�t play Hexxagon Labs yet! Just drop in to the most unusual laboratory in the world and test the power of your mind!

In addition, Hexxagon Labs is full of interesting facts and entertaining material. Before every level you will receive new astonishing scientific information giving you the opportunity, when you have the chance, to show off your erudition and amaze acquaintances by your knowledge.

The more you play Hexxagon Labs, the smarter you will become!

Scheduled for release on May 8th!


  • Play with one or two friends
  • 17 complicated levels / 3 bonus tutorial levels
  • 3 game modes
  • Original set of amusing facts from the scientific world
  • Stylish music
  • Attractive and bright graphics
  • Keep an eye out for this awesome sounding game! Hexxagon Labs will also be available for Palm OS.

    BlackJack Deluxe v1.00

    Black Jack Deluxe, by DeluxeWare, is the most popular Casino game, and now it comes to life with never-before seen realism on your Palm!
    Black Jack Deluxe is the first computer Black Jack game to accurately simulate Casino-style play while also offering features that will help you become a more skilled Black Jack player - essential for beating the house in a real-life Casino environment.


    • Enhanced digital music and sound effects
    • 2 types of play : Quick play, Career
    • Excellent 16 bit graphics
    • 3 casino for play
    • Statistics

    This says it'll help you become a better Black Jack player - which I wouldn't mind! Too bad I can't afford to gamble in real life hehe.

    Get it here for $24.95.

    FlipSide MP3 Player for Windows Mobile v1.0

    FlipSide MP3 Player, by Electric Pocket, is a visually stunning music player for your Windows Mobile smartphone. Flipside shows full cover album art for your music files, and lets you swoosh through your music collection with a flick of your finger.

    Other highlights include downloadable cover art - so you can fill out the missing art in your collection - and FlipSide Extras � an online biography of the artist and suggestions for other music you might like to explore.


    • Bring your music alive with full color cover art
    • Find missing art direct from your phone
    • Discover new music at FlipSide Extras
    • Make a playlist of your favorite tunes
    • Plays MP3 and WMA files

    Get it here for $19.95.

    WM Updated:

    Audio Notes Touch v1.02

    Audio Notes Touch, by VITO Technology, is an mp3 audio recorder with finger-friendly interface. Audio Notes Touch provides advanced recording options in most convenient and intuitive way, so that everything can be done with a finger tap. Revolutionary GUI gives recording a whole new dimension!


    • Record mp3 with different quality
    • VAS (voice activation system)
    • Microphone auto gain
    • Send recordings via MMS or email
    • ID3 tags

    Get it here for $14.95.

    Resco Backup v1.20

    Did you know that the built-in PPC backup saves only a small portion of your data?

    Resco has updated its Resco Backup to version 1.20.

    Resco Backup creates reserve copies of your PDA on the storage card.
    This data (called backup set) can be used to restore your data quickly and easily.

    Resco Backup offers a fast and robust solution - it tracks the errors and enables the user to verify the results.
    Backups can be performed manually or scheduled and can be compressed or securely encrypted acc. to your preferences.

    Power users can use the Advanced mode, where they will find tools able to perform various complex tasks.


    • Basic features:
      • Backup to the storage card
      • Full and custom backup
      • Full and custom restore
      • Backup compression
      • Safe encryption (uses industrial standard AES)
      • Fast incremental backup
      • Backup scheduling
    • Advanced features:
      • Integrity checking (Is the backup set corrupted?)
      • Customizable profiles (Daily/weekly backups, separate backup of contacts...)
      • Compare backup set vs. device (Track changes)
      • Compare two backup sets
      • Manage your backup sets
      • Access backup sets on the desktop with any good zipper
      • Alternatively use desktop unpack tool downloadable from the Resco web site

    Changes in v1.20

    • Substantially faster Restore other minor speed improvements
    • Verify/Diff: Partial update lets you override Stop applications setting (causing otherwise a reset)
    • Improved Verify (better report)
    • Desktop unpack tool (downloadable from the Resco web site)
    • Fix: Problems with restoring emails on some devices

    Get this great utility here for $19.95 and back up ALL of your data.

    Master Kick v1.3.5

    Master Kick, by INDUSTRY Entertainment, arises in glory of the best arcade version of table soccer seen till now! It's not just a game with stunning graphics of various playfields and players, weather visual effects, or live cheering. Master Kick gives you the full atmosphere of soccer match combined with foosball skill. Highly sophisticated AI plus numerous formations selection, playing in a league or quick match will not fail any soccer fan expectations. Great dynamic music and sound powered by MODULA Audio Engine and fullscreen support enlarge the overall game experience. Master Kick is available for all the Windows Mobile PocketPC, PocketPC Phone Edition, Smartphone, Classic, Professional and Standard devices. One thing is for certain, Master Kick tried once, will become your favorite addiction!

    Master Kick is also available for Palm OS devices and Windows, Mac OS X and Linux systems.


  • GREAT ATMOSPHERE - Master Kick gives you the full atmosphere of soccer match combined with table soccer.
  • ADDICTIVE GAMEPLAY - The most addictive and challenging table soccer ever.
  • AMAZING VISUAL EFFECTS - Brilliant graphics, weather effects, including several playfields (grassy, indoor, cyber, snow), different teams dresses.
  • SIX PLAYFIELDS / SIX TEAMS - Play it indoors, outdoors, in cyber world, on real grassy playfield, in mud, on the snow...
  • VIVID SOUND FX AND MUSIC - Vivid sound of cheering and dynamic music.
  • ACTION REPLAYS - See how gorgeous goal you scored.
  • CONTROLS FOR EVERYONE - Play it using buttons, or stylus... or both.
  • NOW in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Norvegian, Hungarian and Serbian.
  • And much MORE!!!
  • Foosball fans, your game is now mobile!

    Get it here for $19.95.

    Extreme Agenda - Get Organized. v3.25

    The Windows Mobile Organizer Revolution is Here.

    Birdsoft has updated its Extreme Agenda to version 3.25. Extreme Agenda is the premier Personal Information Manager for your Windows Mobile Professional Smartphone.

    It features Powerful Agenda Views, Photo Contacts, Todos, Search, and even Notes and a Secure Wallet in one easy to use package!! And with complete customization and great high-end features found only on other platforms you can't go wrong.

    And thats not all advanced features include A Project view, Innovative Spinner Selection screen, timeline week view, and so much more...

    The product is designed with Effortless Usability in mind. So handling all of the powerful features is a snap with the best one-handed navigation system on the market, along with stylus support, finger-scrolling, and gestures.

    A Windows Mobile Organizer Revolution is on! Come see why Today!

    You want more than just pretty icons! We offer more powerful features like Linking, Templates, and Notes, friendly one-handed operation, half the footprint, a smarter price-tag; the list goes on and on.... It justs works more!

    So get your life organized Today. Give the Trial Version a Try!!


    • Five Schedule Views
      • Complete Month View
      • Week Grid View
      • Dates List View
      • Year View
      • Timeline View
    • Enhanced Appointment Creation
    • Custom Recurrences
    • Meeting Handling
    • Full Task Integration
      • Task View
      • Task Schedule Integration
    • Full Contact Support
      • Contacts View with Photo Contacts(WM5)
      • --Multiple Contact Sorting Options
      • --The pictures match the contacts
      • Show Birthdays/Anniversaries on your Schedule
      • Indidual Contact Call Log
    • Tremendous Extended Features
      • Search - Quick Pocket Outlook Search
      • Internet OTA Updating from in Program
      • User Text and Contact Text support
      • Category Filtering
      • Text Wrapping..
      • Full View Customization
      • Theme file support
      • Appt/Task Item email/phone/web parsing - Call your appointment!
      • Over 200 Category Icons Built-In!!
      • QVGA Portrait and Landscape Support
      • Supports Windows Mobile 6
    • Extreme Features
      • Gesture Interactions and Stylus Free Usage
      • Project View
      • Extreme Spin Selection
      • Secure Wallet with powerful 256-bit encryption
      • Notes View with Powerful Text Editor
      • Outlook Item Linking

    ..::Take Your Agenda to the Extreme::..

    Get it here for $21.95.

    We'll be back next week with more Treo software news and updates!

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