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PCS Vision goes Unlimited

Fri Oct 18, 2002 - 9:46 AM EDT - By Marcus Adolfsson

Sprint today announced a new, simplified nationwide pricing structure for consumers and business customers, effective Oct. 18, 2002. The moves are aimed at making it easier and more attractive for customers to take advantage of the new PCS Vision wireless data services available on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network.

Under the new structure, PCS Free & Clear Plans for voice and data will be offered for a limited time to both consumers and business customers at price points initially ranging from $30 to $150 and will require a one year PCS Advantage Agreement.

Rather than having calling plans tied with individual features and pre-set amounts of megabytes for PCS Vision services, Sprint customers can customize any calling plan by adding a variety of features, including unlimited PCS Vision data usage for an additional $10 a month. All new calling plans ranging from $30 to $60 a month will receive unlimited Night and Weekend minutes, while new calling plans at $85 or more a month will receive the unlimited PCS Vision data usage, unlimited PCS to PCS calling and a Second Line to Share options at no additional charge.

All plans continue to include nationwide long distance, voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, numeric paging and three-way calling on the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network at no additional charge.

"The wireless industry has seen demand for new services grow overseas, and now with PCS Vision, Sprint is positioned to seize this opportunity in the United States," said Len Lauer, president, PCS Division of Sprint.

"Creating momentum in the United States for new services requires pricing that is flexible, predictable and easy to understand. We want customers to feel free to learn, experiment and take full advantage of the benefits PCS Vision has to offer without worrying about usage-based pricing. Improving customer satisfaction with our products, service experience, price and value proposition is our number one priority."

Available add-on features include:

Unlimited PCS Vision - For an additional $10 a month on any PCS Free & Clear Plan, customers using Vision-enabled PCS Phones can have unlimited PCS Vision data usage. These applications will allow them to check personal and corporate e-mail, play games with full-color graphics and polyphonic sounds, use the PCS Vision Camera to take and receive pictures with select phones, and browse the Internet wirelessly at speeds comparable to a home computer dial-up connection. With unlimited data usage, customers no longer need to worry about going over pre-specified limits. For a limited time, PCS Vision is free to all customers for the first three months.

Unlimited PCS to PCS Calling - An additional $5 a month enables customers to make and receive unlimited calls to and from other PCS Phones from Sprint at anytime while on the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. For a limited time, all customers will be able to receive this option free with a two-year Advantage Agreement.

PCS Business Connection Personal Edition - For an additional $5 a month, customers can wirelessly access their company e-mail from a PCS Phone, handheld device or laptop connected via a PCS Connection Card to the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network enabling them to stay connected, even when they are away from the office. For a limited time, PCS Business Connection Personal Edition is free for the first three months.

PCS Voice Command - Making calls, checking voicemail and e-mail and accessing important information on the Web is all possible for customers using only the power of their voice through PCS Voice Command, available for an additional $5 a month. For a limited time, PCS Voice Command is free for the first three months.

Second Line to Share - Customers enjoy the convenience of sharing their minutes and the benefits of value-added options available with high-end plans by having more than one phone on their account, all on a single invoice. Additional lines to share may be added for an additional $20 a month to any PCS Free and Clear Plan of $40 or more a month.

Changes to Off-Network Roaming Rates

To further help customers conveniently and easily manage their wireless phone service, Sprint has simplified roaming charges on all new calling plans. Calls made while off the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network while in the United States, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam are now 50 cents per minute. Customers making off-network calls will continue to be charged 25 cents per minute for long distance fees, where applicable.

Improvements in Customer Care

Realizing a customer's needs don't end once they've selected a device and calling plan, Sprint is making improvements in other areas, most notably in customer service. Initial steps include the elimination of the $3 customer service fee previously charged to PCS Clear Pay customers to speak to a specialist in lieu of using automated options. Clear Pay customers can now speak directly with a Sprint specialist free of charge. Sprint is also launching plans to significantly improve automated service options, thereby effectively decreasing the number of misdirected calls, making general account maintenance quick and convenient and reducing callers' hold times. Finally, Sprint is implementing an overall shift in processes and providing appropriate tools for both customer service specialists and retail personnel that will empower them to better address customer concerns in a timely and satisfactory manner.

"The wireless industry as a whole needs to do better when it comes to customer service, and at Sprint we've made this area a top priority," said Lauer. "We have a clear goal of what we want to accomplish and are confident we can provide our customers with the exceptional service, clarity, coverage and value that they expect and deserve."

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