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Palm Addict Turns 9!

Wed May 28, 2008 - 12:10 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

I'd like to shout out a Happy 9 Year Birthday to my Friend Sammy McLoughlin and the Palm Addicts website!!! Congratulations Sammy and gang at Palm Addict! I've been reading the website for many years. It was my first Palm related website I found after discovering the world of Palm devices, and there was always so very much information at hand. The site has grown a lot over the years and still looks great and is still going strong! Cheers to you Sammy, and I hope to see Palm Addict continue to grow over the following years!

OK so we just did it, we have just turned 9 years ago. 9 years ago exactly we sat on the rooftop at White Street Tribeca with a bottle of beer, it was a scorcher that day and decided, ok lets give put together a website, posting stories on how people use their Palm handheld devices. We did it and have updated the site every day since then. So that's it we are now on our way to our 10th Birthday which we will celebrate next year. I want to thank all the writers and editors over the last 9 years who write for the site on a voluntary basis, thanks to all of the readers who come and visit my site on a daily basis with many of you having been with my site since 1999. Thanks to all the well wishers, readers, writers from other gadget sites and of course our own writers here at PA.

Here's to 9 more years and many more Sammy! ;-)

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