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Kinoma Suggests Sprint Data Cap Is No Problem

Mon Jun 2, 2008 - 5:23 AM EDT - By Jay Gross

In their blog, the makers of the Kinoma Player music and internet radio (and YouTube and other stuff) player for Palm smartphones, says Sprint's new limit on "unlimited" data plans won't be a problem. Sprint is planning to roll out a five gigabyte per month limit on "unlimited" data plans.

That's five gigs for all incoming and outgoing traffic, and an even lower limit of 300 megabytes while "roaming" off their network. The upcharge begins in July, according to an internal memo leaked on

According to Kinoma Notes:

Since Kinoma Player is a data-intensive app, your first question might be, 'Do I need to worry about this?'

The blog post concluded, "Probably not," explaining that Sprint's limit will apply to mobile broadband cards, and to people who use their phones as modems for laptop (or other) computers.

Kinoma Notes: "If you�re like most users, and just using your data plan on your phone with apps like Kinoma Player, you shouldn't have to worry about this limit at all. Yee haw!"

The other major carriers limit bandwidth, so shop around before you get too mad. I think it's time somebody called Sprint on the carpet (and everybody else, for that matter). Unlimited ought to be UN-limited, and calling something unlimited when there is a limit is a downright lie. Verizon's already had a hand slap from the attorney general of New York.

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