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New Version of SMS-Chat Available

Thu Jun 12, 2008 - 3:14 AM EDT - By Jennifer Chappell

VITO Technology has released a new version of SMS-Chat. SMS-Chat has the popular threaded messaging, and the new version has cool animated smiles.

A feature in the previous version of SMS-Chat that was very popular was the ability to click hyperlinks to open in the browser, clicking a phone number to place a call, and clicking e-mail to send a letter. However, you needed to click SMS to get to the menu buttons to then choose the desired action. In the new version of SMS-Chat, you only need to click the highlighted text and SMS-Chat will automatically detect the desired action of placing a call, sending an e-mail or opening the link in the browser.

The updated version includes two skins, a bright skin and a dark skin. Plus minor bugs from the previous version have been fixed.

SMS-Chat Features:

  • Threaded SMS messaging
  • Finger-friendly interface
  • Multiple SMS sending
  • Forward, resend or delete messages
  • Full screen notification for new messages
  • Animated smilies
  • Chronological sorting of chats
  • Characters counter
  • Contacts filtering by phone number and name
  • Quick contacts look-up
  • Multi-lingual support
  • Active links, phone numbers, emails

So, if you want to check out a nice SMS messaging app for your WM Treo that has some cute animated smiles and other cool features, SMS-Chat sounds pretty good. You can get it here for $14.95.

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