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Treo Software Roundup - v061308

Fri Jun 13, 2008 - 9:55 AM EDT - By Neal Martin

Palm OS Software

Well, Happy Friday 13th to ya! Let's roundup some software and see what's new this week and what's been updated. We'll be sure to lasso any black cats that might cross our path while we're at it.

New Palm OS:

Facebook for Palm OS

As Dieter reported yesterday, the Official Palm Blog announced that there is now a native Facebook Application for the PalmOS. You can download the application here. Dieter stated:

Up until now, the Palm Centro's ability to appeal to the youth market has been quite good, but there was always a small cloud in that sky -- namely that the BlackBerry platform had a native Facebook app and the iPhone had a great iPhone-specific version of Facebook.
No more. With the new native Facebook app, Centro and PalmOS Treo owners are able to interact with their social networks much more quickly and easily.

With Facebook for Palm, you can:

  • Send and receive Facebook messages, and respond to friend requests.
  • Capture video using your smartphone and post it to your Facebook profile.
  • View and post photos, right from your smartphone, or snap and send off new ones.
  • Receive News Feeds, change your status, and get friends� status updates on the go.
  • Browse friends� profiles, post messages to their wall, and send friend requests or search for old friends through Facebook.
  • Open your Contacts and dial your friends with just one touch.

With Facebook for Palm, there's also an over-the-air download you can use directly from your Treo or Centro here. Unlike the iPhone-web version, the PalmOS app can upload photos directly. Unlike the BlackBerry app, it can upload *video* directly.

Bubble Babble for Palm OS v1.00

Astraware has unveiled a new word game! Challenge your word power with this undersea bubble-bursting brain teaser! Link together letter bubbles to form words and impress Wordsworth Smartygills - your friendly fishy host! Bubble Babble includes a fun interactive tutorial to teach you how to play with the bubbles and make words from them. Score points for each word you make. Impress Wordsworth with more complex or unusual words and he'll reward you with shiny shells for your collection!

Bubble Babble has 4 entertaining play modes which are perfect for both adults and children, for all levels of skill or vocabulary:

  • Challenge - create a set number of words against the clock
  • Target - reconstruct the separated word from the letter bubbles
  • Mystery - try different permutations of letters to find the hidden word
  • Freeplay - just enjoy making words to boost your points score

Each day Wordsworth Smartygills will tell you the Word of the Day. Make this word during play to earn a special award!

Use multiplier bubbles to enhance your points score, and get help from Stella Starfish, in her wildcard bubble! Unlock higher difficulty levels as you play - it can help you keep your brain sharp and maybe learn some interesting new words!


  • Link letter bubbles together to make words and score points
  • Full interactive tutorial to teach you how to play with the bubbles
  • 4 entertaining play modes: Challenge, Target, Mystery, and Freeplay
  • Earn shiny shell rewards for complex or unusual words to complete your collection
  • Helpful bonuses including Stella Starfish and multiplier bubbles

Astraware makes GREAT games and I've always loved word games, so this one sounds REALLY fun! Check it out!

Get it here for $19.95.

My Stocks Portfolio v4.0

My Stocks Portfolio, by ieosoft, is an application that manages your stocks.


  • It lists various stocks you have from each sector.
  • It tells you tha number of shares and symbol from each security and sector.
  • It allows you to customize your own security types.
  • It allows you to calculate the total costs spent on the shares.
  • It calculates the net profit given the current market price...and more.

I've never bought a single stock, but for those of you who have, maybe this program is for you.

Get it here for $6.95.

Quote 2020 v3.1

With Quote 2020, by ieosoft, you can have your own Quotes Collection!


  • Quote 2020 is a quotes collection program. It allows you to build your own quotes collection and own categories. It also can sort the quotes by categories and authors. Registered users will receive 200 quotes for free.

I've never been quoted, to my knowledge.. BUT, some day I will be, and you can quote me on that!

Get it here for only $6.50.

Oops! We missed getting that little rascal lassoed! Sorry! We'll try to do better! Hope that didn't cause any of you bad luck today! ;-)

Tetris for Palm OS v2

Tetris for Palm OS v2, by Handmark, is a faithful rendition for the Palm OS!

Tetris is one of the best-selling and most recognized brands in gaming history. Famous worldwide, this simple yet addictive game will keep you entertained for hours. Sixty million players can't be wrong. You've played it before. Now, play it anywhere on your Palm Handheld or Treo Smartphone.


  • Authentic original Tetris, the one game you MUST have on your Palm Handheld or Treo Smartphone
  • Timeless game, contemporary game play
  • Stunning graphics
  • Ghost and next five Tetriminos display
  • Amazing Tetrimino smooth scrolling
  • Original Russian folk music and game play sound
  • The one game that everyone plays; Tetris is loved globally

What real gamer can say he/she has never played and like Tetris?

Get it here for $14.99.

Palm OS Updated:

Propel for Palm OS

iambic announced today the release of Propel for Palm OS version 2.2.

Propel brings ease of use, instant retrievals and launches of applications, music, pictures, contacts, and more to any Palm OS based smartphone or handheld. By replacing the native Palm OS launcher, Propel allows users to truly enjoy their mobile companion by making tedious operations a snap.

Not only is it fast, but it also provides many opportunities to personalize your Views and functionality through extensive support of User Interface Skins, custom backgrounds, and button assignments. Plus Voice Launching capability is available in the Professional Edition.

New Features in Version 2.2

  • Introduced support for Photos on Contacts on Palm OS 5 and above handhelds / smartphones (requires list to be refreshed)
  • Added the ability to assign custom icons to applications
  • Added support for icons on the category tabs, along with a link to launch IconMgr, if installed or download it if not installed
  • Added application version information when selecting 'Show Info' in an application's context menu

Improvements and Functionality Refinements

  • Corrected screen taps on context menus passing through to plug-in icons
  • Corrected plug-in icons drawing over context menus in some instances
  • Addressed an issue where the draw state did not get updated when the assigned launch button specified a particular view
  • Corrected a few labeling issues in Views preference panel
  • Resolved rare instances where applications would become mis-categorized
  • Corrected �Hidden� items occasionally reappearing
  • Addressed and issue with last category not importing into Propel
  • Added overall optimization of memory usage to improve stability

You can get Propel here for $24.95.

Butler v4.91

Hobbyist Software has updated its Butler to version 4.91.

Butler is the assistant who thinks of everything. Alarms, Attention Grabber, Navigation, Launching, LED, Keyguard and Much More.

Butler contains 7 sets of utilities yet costs less than most single applications. Please note that Butler is only written for the Palm Treo.


  • Alarms - Repeating alarms with ringtones or MP3 (No need to buy an MP3 Player)
  • Alerts - Nags you like a pager to make sure you don't miss anything
  • Security - Remote lock allows you do lock or delete your Treo via SMS if it's stolen
  • Navigation - Launch apps or calls from anywhere by holding down a key
  • LED - Turn it off at night!
  • Keyguard - That shows you the time and doesn't block the screen!
  • Volume Keys- To scroll the page, or switch through your last opened applications.
  • Housekeeping - Keeps your system in shape to reduce damaging resets!
  • More than a dozen utilites that make your Treo work better and harder.
  • 100% Guarantee: If for any reason you don't think Butler is fantastic - I will give you a 100% refund (The author).

New in version 4.91

  • Only one change, but it's pretty noticeable. I have rewritten the way the keyguard draws and it is substantially faster.

Rob works hard to improve his products! Support him now.

Get it here for $14.95.

Uninstall Manager v3.24

NorthGlide has updated its Uninstall Manager to version 3.24.

Garbage is eating up your RAM!
Uninstall Manager saves valuable memory space while keeping your device clean and trouble-free.
Make sure that newly installed applications will be completely removed when they are no longer needed.
Uninstall Manager is the most full-featured uninstaller available for the Palm OS:

Uninstall Manager includes many unique features to help you stay on top of your software installations:
Completely remove applications including all of their associated files and preferences, even hidden ones that are not removed by any other means.

Uninstall manager includes an intelligent Real-Sandbox mode which allows you to install new applications inside completely isolated environments; launch, evaluate and safely delete applications without compromising other important data on your device (you can also keep these "isolated environments" on the expansion card to quickly test applications in the future).

Start a Recording, download files from the internet, receive files from friends (Bluetooth, IR, etc) and copy files from the expansion card...and with a push of a button you can quickly undo all changes to your device.

Group files on the main memory and the expansion card with different applications and make sure that ALL parts of the application are deleted when you choose to.

Uninstall Manager monitors file installations; that besides allowing you to track your software installation habits will also make sure that any supporting files installed alongside applications are removed when you delete the application itself.


  • The most full-featured uninstaller available for the Palm OS.
  • Monitors applications for saving hidden items.
  • Works in the background with no user intervention.
  • Monitors file installations using the HotSync� Manager.
  • Cleans a68k cache/temporary files.
  • Groups all related items together allowing quick and easy uninstallations.
  • Group files on the card with RAM based applications and keep your card clean.
  • Sandbox mode: A carefree environment to try out new applications.
  • Recording mode: Quickly undo changes to your device.
  • Monitors and deletes files and directories directly from the expansion card.
  • Option to delete directories on the expansion card when deleting applications.
  • Deletes RAM based items when uninstalling card based applications.
  • Deletes Card based items when uninstalling RAM based applications.
  • Find items monitored between a specified time period.
  • Smart Monitoring: Only monitor true hidden files.
  • Completely new Graphical User Interface.
  • Support for 320 X 480 Portrait and Landscape modes.
  • Context-Sensitive Help - a unique Help Mode.
  • Protect Your Assets Now: Uninstall Manager guards your RAM from garbage!
  • Available in the Registered Version: There is no need to open Uninstall Manager to completely delete applications! (see RDD below for more).

This program sounds VERY handy and this is coming from someone who is familiar with lots of orphan files and junk left behind from unsuccessful uninstallations!

Get it here for $17.95 and clean that device up!

Power Hero v1.21 BETA

Hobbyist Software has updated it's Power Hero to version 1.21 Beta!

Power Hero helps you to get the best out of your Battery!

100% Guarantee:
If for any reason you don't like Power Hero- I will give you a 100% refund.

Console -Instantly see and control the main power drains on your Treo
Schedule - Set your Treo's functions to be on only when you need them
Save - Automatically turn off power draining features after you have finished using them
Auto Bluetooth - turn your Bluetooth on automatically when your call arrives!
Shortcuts - use the free shortcut applications to control features from your launcher


  • Instantly see the status of the power-using features of your device.
  • Instantly turn features on and off (like Bluetooth, Network, Phone, Infrared)
  • Easily schedule when features should turn themselves on and off.
  • Power Hero has a very flexible scheduling system which is also remarkably easy to use.
  • You can control all the power-draining features on your Treo and set up schedules as simple or as complex as you like.
  • Turn features off when you are done with them
  • It is as if Power Hero turns the light off for you when you leave the room!
  • When you use the internet, the application will automatically make a network connection. Normally that connection would be left on indefinitely. Power Hero lets you turn it off automatically a few minutes after you turn off your Treo.
  • A series of free 'Shortcut Applications' are available for you to easily control the power-using features on your Treo directly from your launcher.

Tweaked in 1.21 Beta

  • 09/Jun/2008 Preferences changed and will need to enter them again. Schedules not changed.
  • 09/Jun/2008 Added alert configuration. Alerts now optional and configurable.
  • 09/Jun/2008 Added "if battery drops below X %" feature (Drain Saver tab). Select "Log event" and then configure alert if you just want an alert.
  • 09/Jun/2008 Added time and battery % to console.
  • 09/Jun/2008 Fixed (needs verification): Option P does not always launch console.
  • 09/Jun/2008 Fixed (needs verification): Signal Saver could get activated when turning the phone connection off manually or through schedule.
  • 09/Jun/2008 Swapped arrows on the Daily Statistics and Log Details forms (left = past, right = future)
  • 09/Jun/2008 Tab order using 5-way nav changed to be intuitive (to me and I hope to you).

Again, Rob works hard to improve his products, so I hope you'll support him today!

Get it here for $14.95.

Photos HQ v1.1.1

treoware has updated its Photos HQ to version 1.1.1!

Photos HQ is an application that lets you capture photographs of much higher quality than those created by the default camera software of your mobile phone. Photos HQ enhances the capture capabilities of devices with an VGA (640x480) camera and increases the resolution to 960x720 pixels by combining two consecutive images. Additionally, Photos HQ brings new features such as an improved digital zoom, a 10 seconds self-timer, a surveillance mode, and a picture-in-picture thumbnail showing the preceding photograph. Important notice: Photos HQ operates on current and probably future devices by detecting dynamically the capacities of each device (maximum size of the photographs, compression JPEG, memory cards, constraints related to the embedded memory). Certain functionalities may not apply to your device: please read the PDF tutorial to learn more about it.


  • increased resolution
  • limited loss of information
  • improved digital zoom
  • exposure compensation
  • 10 seconds self-timer
  • surveillance camera
  • picture-in-picture thumbnail

Fellow writer Jay Gross recently reviewed Photos HQ version 1.0.4. Check out what he had to say!

Get it here for only $3.95!

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