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Free Graffiti for Treo

Wed Nov 6, 2002 - 9:49 PM EST - By Michael Ducker

In a move which should of been done with the release of the Treo, Handspring is now offering a free Graffiti entry program - letting Treo users quickly enter data with the stylus.

RecoEdit Plus is a basic version of Jot - both are from CIC.

"RecoEcho Plus enhances Graffiti´┐Ż by allowing you to input text on the full-screen and see your characters in ink as you write! RecoEcho Plus will allow you to write bigger, faster and more comfortably - plus, RecoEcho Plus will help you get better recognition accuracy by allowing you to see characters in ink as they are written."

From the press release:

"As popular and effective as the Treo keyboard is for most users, we still have customers who prefer Graffiti input," said David Diangson, senior manager, strategic partner development for Handspring. "CIC's RecoEcho Plus enables these customers to write Graffiti directly on their Treo display. The combination of our Treo products and CIC's software provides busy professionals with an enhanced mobile communications experience."

Jot is IMHO, the best Graffiti enhancement app/replacement out there. And it looks that RecoEdit is just JOT with everything other than pure Graffiti taken out.

RecoEdit Plus normally retails for $10. Treo 90/180/270/300 owners can download it free by entering their serial number here. The overall page explaining everything is here.

Future Treo's will now include this application out of the box. I see this as a good thing, as using graffiti every once in awhile has it's advantages, and now Handspring lets you do for free (There was another free graffiti replacement app... I can't remember the name though).

This application was not designed to work with the Treo 180g, as it already has Graffiti built in.

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