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Sprint's SERO Plans For Smartphones Remain Intact, Despite Rumors

Fri Jul 4, 2008 - 6:59 PM EDT - By Mike Guccione

Ahhh, rumors. Don't you just love them? They pull at your heart strings and crush your dreams, and Sprint is right in the middle of this one. In a surprising move, Sprint supposedly removed smartphones from their competitive SERO (Sprint Exclusive Referral Offer) plans (now refuted.) SERO plans uniquely include data usage in the plan fee and reflect a substantial savings from conventional plans. Either this was a case of bad timing of a system bug with their online SERO ordering or Sprint was actually kicking around the idea of limiting its SERO offerings, but regardless, both current and future SERO customers can breathe a sigh of relief. Sprint has issued the following clarification:

"SERO customers continue to be able to purchase PDAs and Smart Phones and a variety of SERO rate plans continue to be compatible with these devices."

This would have been a major blow to Sprint, as their SERO plans remain some of the most competitive offerings of any wireless provider (and many of the subscribers are smartphone users.) For those not familiar, Sprint's SERO plan is a referral plan offered by their employees but has been routinely offered to the general public.

Via WMExperts, PhoneNews

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