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Winterface for Win Mo devices. Remind you of any iThing?

Wed Jul 9, 2008 - 10:12 AM EDT - By Dan Nimtz

VITO Technology has released it's newest product - Winterface for Windows Mobile devices. Winterface gives your Win Mo device a new look and feel, and is actually a combination launcher, and task manager with plug-in capabilities. The product boasts the ability to customize virtually every aspect of the finger friendly user interface.

The software allows you to define many different screens containing icons for applications, settings and contacts. You can flip between the screens using finger gestures (hmmm, think I've heard of that somewhere before). Icons representing applications like the phone, email, SMS, battery, clock, calendar and memory can even show additional information, such as number of items, etc.

A single tap on any application icon launches the application. Tapping a contact's icon opens a menu with details and allows actions such as placing a call, sending an email or a text message.

As a task manager, Winterface allows switching between running applications, or closing applications.

Winterface costs $19.95 and has a free 14 day fully functional trial.

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