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Treo Software Roundup - v072508

Fri Jul 25, 2008 - 7:47 AM EDT - By Neal Martin

Windows Mobile Software

WM New:

InterKey Standard 3.0

Paragon Software (SHDD) - Penreader, a leading software developer of productivity, security and educational applications for mobile devices and desktop PCs, releases InterKey 3.0 � a multilingual text input application for Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Due to large and fingertip-friendly keys, text input by hand or stylus becomes effortless, and typing foreign languages on a standard keyboard is fast and accurate.

Looking for handy onscreen keyboard in your own language? Need for effective text input tool and want to type using the finger as well as the stylus? With up to 60 national layouts and large finger friendly keys, InterKey for Windows Mobile will be the best solution!


  • 60 national keyboard layouts give you the ability to write in your native language. You can use multiple layouts simultaneously and quickly switch between the languages. For some languages additional alternative layout is available, for example, Latin American, Brazilian, US Dvorak, etc.
  • NEW! Finger input allows you to enter words by using just a hand thanks to large finger friendly keys. A selected key is zoomed while writing � release your finger to type it. If the wrong key is zoomed, slide your finger on the screen releasing it when the desired key is displayed.
  • Gestures controls. Special keystrokes known as gestures fully duplicate main keyboard functions (shift, backspace etc.) and allow you fast enter capital letters, spaces, erase the preceding character and going to new line.
  • NEW! Large Keys. You can choose between standard keyboard layout and large keys for more convenient text input. Large keys are effective to use when typing with fingers rather than the stylus.
  • Ergonomic Layout Design reduces the mistakes when writing, using Interkey onscreen keyboards!
  • AltGrey key is supported for Croatian, Greek, Hungarian, Polish, Slovak and Slovenian keyboard layouts

I am Definitely going to check this out, as I've been looking for another good on-screen keyboard for my Treo 750!

Get the Standard edition here for $24.95 or the Professional version here for $34.95 (Professional edition includes word completion).

eDrinksMixn Deluxe v4.0

Do you like to drink and wish you had the recipe for some of the most popular drinks at hand?

Use eDrinksMix�n Deluxe, by Lakshmi Solutions LLC, to store your favorite and most often used Drink recipes. With this application you can easily carry the recipes for your favorite cocktails and beverages everywhere you go from your bar at home, to a friend�s house, to a party or reunion, and all the way to the store.


  • The application already contains an initial set of 80 very good recipes to get you started. Adding more drinks and edit them is a simple two steps process. You can add as many drinks as your device�s memory allows it, and categorize those drinks using categories that you define and make sense to you. The filtering features allows you to filter you drinks list by letter or by category, making it very easy to find the drink you need.
  • The Deluxe version includes a PC companion, very similar to the software on the Mobile Device, to facilitate data entry on the PC. From PC companion the user can export the drinks recipes to a word file for printing or to excel as a CSV file. You can also sync your data between your PC and your Mobile Device.
  • If you have Lakshmi Solutions LLC Shopping List in your device, you can rapidly add ingredients to your shopping list directly from the eDrinksMix�n application. Also look for Drinking Cooking and Shopping suite from Lakshmi Solutions LLC, which includes the eDrinksMix�n and more.
  • The application contains Help features describing each screen.

No mention of non-alcoholic drinks, but hey, you can add your own drink recipes!

Get it here for $9.99 and mix things up!

Message Alerts for Windows Mobile v3.1

WebMessenger Message Alerts, by WebMessenger Inc., puts you back in control of managing communications on your mobile device by providing powerful rules and filters for your mobile email and SMS Messages!

Define your own filters using rules that are automatically applied to your incoming E-mail and SMS Messages and be alerted to just what is needed through user defined alerts to include your own MP3 audio files. Includes custom alerts for low battery and low memory on your mobile device.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • The Message Alert application runs in the background on your BlackBerry� or Windows Mobile device and is automatically launched with the OS. You can control the time of day and week when the rules/alerts are active with the settings screen.
  • Rules
  • Can be defined based on the Subject:, From:, To: , CC: fields or the message content.
  • Can also be created through the context menus in the Inbox and Address Book applications.
  • The "Create Email Alert" menu for an email in the inbox it will launch the Rule definition screen. Selecting "From" on this screen will automatically populate the "From" condition with the address from the current email Actions performed when a rule is satisfied
  • Continuous alert
  • Customized audio and vibrate notification
  • A pop-up dialog notification
  • Forwarding or deleting of the e-mail, marking the e-mail as read.
  • Retrieving the entire e-mail (or up to certain number of KB).
  • Keep the pop-up alert notification on the screen until a key is pressed - in this way you will not miss an important message that was received and buried down in your inbox folder.
  • Back up and storage of the rules via email
  • Custom MP3 audio alerts
  • Low battery and low memory definable alerts

I read a bit about this one and it reallys does sound useful and is highly configurable!

Alert! Get it here for $24.95!

MASPware AutoManager v5.12.2

MASPware AutoManager for Pocket PC, by MASPware, provides an array of useful tasks for those who need to record vehicle usage or who just want to know their vehicles performance and at what cost. The portability and flexibility of the Pocket PC provides an excellent platform for its ease of use.

MASPware AutoManager turns the Pocket PC into an professional administration tool for all kinds of vehicles. Starting at the important calculation of consumption (l/100km, km/l and MPG) up to full cost- and appointment administration including a travel book for business and private travels. Furthermore, there is a checklist added for every vehicle (for using it as a To-Do-List for example).Finally, there are serveral evaluations possible as well as exports.

An All-In-One solution for full vehicle adminstration.


  • unlimited vehicles to administrate
  • all screen resolutions and orientations supported!
  • full income and expense control including automated repetitions
  • full control of all appointments including automated repetitions and reminders using Pocket PCs Outlook
  • everything categorizable
  • usage of odometer and/or timepoint for appointments and costs
  • one separate checklist for each vehicle (to use as To-Do-List for example)
  • integrated travel book for business and private travels
  • integrated fill-up assistant for faster fill-up-adding
  • one-click-fillup - add fillup without starting the full program
  • consumption calculations (l/100km, km/l oder MPG)
  • CO2 emission values
  • global and vehicle specific timefilters
  • graphical and tabular evaluations
  • .csv export for processing data using e.g. Microsoft Excel
  • automated updates
  • integrated backup manager
  • automated backups
  • location of database customizable
  • and many more...

I'd imagine this would be most useful for big companies with fleets of cars, BUT, with gas prices as high as they are and no end to the insane rise in price in sight, this program could probably help YOU keep track of your vehicles performance and gas mileage!

Get it here for $29.99!

PdaNet for Windows Mobile v1.80

With PdaNet, by June Fabrics Technology, you can allow your Windows computer to go online by connecting to your Windows Mobile Phone through the ActiveSync cable/dock, Bluetooth or InfraRed. If you own a Treo 700w/700wx, Motorola Q, PPC/XV 6700, Samsung I730/I830, T-Mobile MDA, Cingular 8125 or any other Windows Mobile phone with a data plan, PdaNet will make it your high speed wireless Internet Service for your laptop/desktop computer instantly - no extra hardware or setup necessary!


  • This software allows your Windows computer to go online by connecting to your Windows Mobile Phone through the ActiveSync cable/dock, Bluetooth or InfraRed. If you own a Treo, Motorola Q, PPC/XV 6700/Mogul, Samsung I730/I830, T-Mobile MDA, Cingular 8125/8525 or any other Windows Mobile phone with a data plan, PdaNet will make it your high speed wireless Internet Service for your laptop/desktop computer instantly - no extra hardware or setup necessary.

Man! Do I ever wish we had 3G available in this area! I'd certainly take advantage of my 'unlimited' data plan with AT&T, hehe!!

If any of you knows how to share my broadband (cable modem and wireless router) setup with my Centro for a reasonable price - please contact me! Thanks!

Get it here for $34.99!

WM Updated:

FairwayWatch v3

Birdsoft has updated its FairwayWatch to version 3!

Welcome Golfers.

We would like to introduce you to Fairwaywatch, the top Golf Scorecard for your Windows Mobile Professional device.

FairwayWatch was designed with the user in mind. The simplest yet most impressive user interface makes using the scorecard out on the course easy and fun so you can enjoy your round that much more. Priced well below the competition, but with competing feature sets, this is a must have out on the courses.

Now with GPS. Yes we have included a GPS Distance View with Club Selection in our Program. Always know just how far you are from the green or any obstruction and which club you would normally use. You really shouldn't have to pay extra for such a handy and fun technology.

Note: Works with the GPS setup in WM5-WM6 devices, some hole 'surveying' required on each course.

And watch for a New Desktop Version of FairwayWatch with Handy Course Entry, Scorecard Printing, and Round analysis coming very soon which will be FREE for all Registered FairwayWatch Users.


  • GPS Distance View with Club selection
  • 9 or 18 hole rounds
  • 2 Stylus Free Score Entry Systems
  • Importing/Exporting of Courses (Full Web Database underway)
  • Saving/Reviewing of old rounds
  • Player Saving
  • Putt Tracking
  • Handicap Display
  • Side Bet Game Scoring
  • Stableford Scoring
  • Statistics Page
  • VGA/Landscape/Square Screen Support
  • ClearType Support
  • And More...

This program sounds nice and I'd suspect the 'surveying' would include entering the locations of the holes and intial distances, etc. But, after that, I'd imagine this program would be SWEET!

Get it here for $19.95!

If any of you have used this and are familiar with what is meant by 'surveying', please contact me as I have a relative who may enjoy and benefit by using this program. Thanks!

Skb Group SMS and Scheduler

Skb Software Systems has updated its best-selling SMS application, Group SMS and Scheduler to version 4.02!

Skb Group SMS is innovative application designed for sending SMS to group/multiple groups/multiple members.Application main window is groups arranged in treeview control.

With new SMS Scheduler feature added, you can easily schedule messages to one or multiple contacts. You can also take advantage of SMS Groups to schedule messages to multiple group or groups.

You can create groups, adding members to these groups by adding member details like names, telephone numbers. One can edit member details and delete a particular member in a group. You can also make use of existing contacts for adding/editing member details. One can also edit group details like rename group.

One can switch to photo mode from where you can choose recipients for sending SMS or one can send to whole group. In Photo mode, one can select particular member or group to view details.

After selecting particular group/groups/members,user can press "Send SMS" button. With this you can switch to "Send SMS" screen that contains members you have already selected. The main use of this screen is that, one can add more recipients that are not present in existing groups,one can add here telephone numbers directly or make use of existing contacts. One can also uncheck member/members those are present in groups but you don't want to send SMS. This screen also removes repeated members from different groups and tells final number of recipients to which SMS is to be sent.From this screen you can send new message or select message from Skb Inbox.

Skb inbox is different from inbox that exists in phone. In this inbox, there are different folders arranged in alphabetically order that contains names of different senders. One can select particular sender to view his/her messages and select message from particular sender, then send that SMS to selected group/groups/members.

If you want to send new message, you can also make use of templates. One can create new templates, edit particular template in template editor, delete templates, you can also sort templates according to oldest and latest.

Enhancements in next version 4.02:

  • Message scheduler according to particular group, multiple groups/members.
  • Assignment of Ring tones according to particular group, multiple groups/members.
  • Call filtration according to particular group,multiple groups/members.

Many more features that are almost free to existing users.(scratches head.. almost free?)

Get it here for $32.99.

Mobiola Video Studio Pro

Warelex LLC has updated its Mobiola Video Studio to version 2.1.30.

Video Studio is a universal video converter and file manager. Get videos or groups of videos (from YouTube/DVD/hard drive) to your phone with a single drag and drop mouse move! Blazing fast performance, excellent quality, automatic settings plus great flexibility (only in Pro) with manual configuration.

Supported formats:
avi, 3gp, mov, mpeg, mpg, mjpeg, mp4, mg2, mve, m4v, mkv, flv, smk, str, vob, rm, fli, flc, wve, uv2, wmv, 3g2, asf, m4a

Trial version lasts 15 conversions, so you can decide for yourself if this program is for you without having to PAY for it! I know I've bought a few programs in the past and wished a demo/trial had been available.


  • Converts DVD, YouTube, Google Video, video files (majority of formats), groups of files or folders with files to the BEST video format played by your device (automatic settings)
  • ONLY IN PRO - flexible output format
  • Unique DRAG AND DROP to device functionality of DVDs, files and folders or videos from the browser (YouTube, Google Video)
  • LANGUAGE selection functionality for DVD
  • SUBTITLE support for most languages for DVD
  • QUEUE OF JOBS, do not wait until previous conversion is done, just drag and drop new videos
  • DRAG AND DROP/convert to PC also works
  • AUTOMATIC DISCOVERY of the mobile device and device model
  • REMOTE FILE MANAGEMENT functionality

Get it here for $29.95 or get the Standard version for $19.95 here.

Rampart Chess for Pocket PC

Are you a chess player OR have you always wanted to learn to play chess? Well, Rampart Software Development has updated its Chess for Pocket PC to version 2.5. So check it out!

If you're a beginner, or ready to take on Garry Kasparov, Rampart Chess is the Pocket PC chess program for you. It features high resolution, beautifully-rendered chess pieces, a very powerful chess engine with 10 levels of game play, a two-player mode to challenge your friends, and a fully editable chessboard to set up legendary chess games or puzzles. Use Rampart Chess to learn the game, sharpen your skills, and enjoy hours and hours of challenging fun.


  • A powerful chess engine featuring 10 levels of game play, and an Aggressive mode featuring more frequent attacks
  • Large opening book of chess moves
  • Ten levels of game play
  • Choose from four different chess piece sets
  • Stunning VGA graphics for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 2003 SE Devices
  • Full Portrait and Landscape mode support
  • Works great on Windows Mobile Treo devices
  • Wide array of customizable board colors
  • Full navigator button support
  • Two-player mode and computer vs. computer mode
  • Multiple chessboard sizes including full-screen and small screen containing additional information
  • Built-in chess rules describing all the pieces and such moves as castling and en passant
  • Hint mode
  • Unlimited Undo moves
  • Automatic saves allow you to return to an incomplete chess game at any time
  • Edit mode allows you to set up any position
  • Quick buttons allow you to access the most frequently used functions with just one tap
  • Clear, easy-to-use interface
  • Built-in program instructions

Get it here for just $12.95!

Well, that's what's new and updated for this week. Check back again next week to see what's new/updated in the world of mobile devices!

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